Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Happy Birthday to everyone! Today is the 7th day of the lunar new year. It is the day where everybody grows one year older. Tonight especially the Hokkiens will have a celebration and we can expect the night to be noisy because of firecrackers or fireworks.

So fast one week has gone by so fast. Just last week we were preparing to go back to our hometowns to celebrate CNY. Now it's back to work. Heheh.

The children especially were the happiest. Having the chance to play with their cousins. They even forgotten that they have a mother sometimes. LOL. A short post today to let people know that I'm alive. Maybe I'll blog about CNY 2011 in later post after I've uploaded the pictures. For now, just make do with old pictures I've taken in January.

The cousins so happy together.

A goofy pic of them. Picture was taken during one of my trip back to Malacca.

My sweetie pie.

Lil' Dahling getting excited!

Joseph and his new found friend, Curious George!

So loving. It belongs to his sister actually.

Like pianist only right? LOL. I don't know what tunes were they playing. That's my twin I assure you. I'm the one taking the photo. Serious!

Joseph is so full of passion and emotion. LOL. That again is my twin..:D

This is what Joseph does now when he throws his tantrum. I guess it's a sign of protest by lying on the floor. LOL.


  1. Happy happy birthday! :)

    Ahah! The sailor baju. Unfortunately, Ethan has outgrown it already...

  2. sunsetrose: secret!

    Elina: Hey! Thanks for dropping a comment. Joseph slim slim that's why still can fit. Maybe Ethan is taller? Or I'm just a bad mom who squeezed him into that outfit. LOL.

  3. Hi Carolyn!

    Thanks for dropping by to visit my humble blog! My Ben also lies on the floor when he throws tantrum... but he's not at the swipe hands up and down and wipe floor level yet, thank God!

    Hope to see you back in my blog sometime! :) Happy Birthday to you guys too! :)

  4. Alah..u never tell me also i know..her name is Swee Lee :P

  5. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for dropping by my humble blog too!

    Please feel free to drop by again ok?




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