Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Funny Things They Do

Kids say the darndest things or in some cases where the kids can't talk much yet, do the darndest things. I'm sure most of you will agree with me right? Elizabeth, my eldest daughter is now 4 years and 3 months old. While Joseph my youngest son is 19 months old. I think every child at any stage of their development, has their own unique character. It can be a very common thing that every child does but still it's nice to blog about it. It would be fun to read back about it when we are old and grey. So here is a list of the funny things they do in no particular order...

1. My hubby wears spectacles at every waking moment. So the moment he sits up on the bed, Joseph will grab his spectacles and hand it over to his papa.

2. There will always be a reason or excuse everytime I question, reprimand or even give an advice to Elizabeth. Her answer would goes something like this, " No, I just see only, I never touch lah."

3. When you take off Joseph's clothes, he will run into the bathroom. It's a bit hard to get him to come out especially if I just want to change his clothes and not bathe him!

4. If you've read my previous post, I've mentioned that Joseph can say the word "Mummy" already. Recently, he started to say the word,"car". Sometimes it would be spot-on when he points to the cars on the road when we look out of the window or when he points to a picture of a car in his book. But sometimes, he will say "car" and point to other pictures in the book too. LOL.

5. Elizabeth can ask question on and on and sometimes at the wrong time. LOL. How do you answer to this? "Mommy, where is that motorcycle going to?" Usually I would say either to work, shopping, eat or buy things. But sometimes she continues asking at the busiest time like "go shopping and buy what?" I snapped at her by saying, "Eli, I don't know! I don't have a chance to speak to him and I don't even know him". Of course, I would regret after that because she would be silent and I will try to talk about other stuff to her.

6. Yesterday I asked Joseph to find his book and show to his papa the monkey. He showed the correct picture successfully and accompanied it with the "ooh ooh ahh ahh" sound. LOL. He also showed his papa the dog and said "oh oh oh" too.

7. I've discovered that he knows how to fill in the blank when I sing a familiar song or when he watches a familiar show. They are mostly sounds like "A-a-choo" or "Mooo".

8. Elizabeth loves to watch the show Little Einstein. She has watched the DVD over and over again. She knows all the conversations and what's going to happen next already. It's like reading a script. LOL.

9. Joseph is more expressive in getting what he wants. This little fellow will point and make sounds to get your attention. If it goes unheard, he will get louder until you take notice.

10. The two of them like to hold hands together when we go out. It's so sweet to see them holding hands and walking together.

11. Elizabeth can assist me in wearing and taking off her brother's shoes already. Great! Another thing that I can count her on to help me.

12. He dances funny along with music but still very adorable.

13. When Joseph spotted our picture on the wall, he pointed at the picture and said, "Mummy!" I'm still unsure whether he pointed correctly at my picture but it looks as if he's pointing correctly. LOL.

14. And yes, he still calls his papa, "Mummy". Even though his papa corrects him.

Awww...so sweet.

Wah walking in unison

So happy together


  1. Awwww so sweet of them holding hands! Thanks for sharing all the funny and sweet things they do. Yes, must have patience with them but I think you are doing a good job. So don't be too hard on yourself k?

  2. Hahahahah... #14 is so cute!

    Btw, Ben does the same thing with hubby and I too, everytime he wakes up earlier than us, he'll go over to my computer table and grab our spectacles and then pass to each of us cos wearing spectacles = waking up time!

  3. Kids are smarter than us when we were at their age right, Jenny?



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