Monday, January 31, 2011

Elizabeth in Playhouse Disney's Birthday Book

Last November, Elizabeth's photo appeared in Playhouse Disney's Birthday Book. I missed it when it showed on TV but my mom managed to record it with her old VCR. Bless her! And I only got to watch it in January when I went back to Malacca. Took some photos although a bit blurry and I don't know why it didn't turn out perfect. Ah well, at least I have some evidence that it did appeared on TV.

I remembered I sent in her photos 3 months ahead her birthday month. Yes I was that kiasu. Come November and I always missed the Birthday Book programme because I don't know the scheduled time for the programme. Playhouse Disney was also late in informing us through mail and I only got it like 1 week before the end of November. By then I already gave up hope on it. Playhouse Disney should've sent it at the beginning of November. Sigh. In the mail, they inform us on the scheduled time and from there I seek my mom's help to look out for me because I can only catch it after work.

Can you imagine it finally appeared on the very last day of November and on the very last Birthday Book programme for November? So for those mommies out there who wants to send in their precious photos to participate in this Playhouse Disney's Birthday Book, you can send in as early as 3 months before the birthday month of your kid and one photo is sufficient enough. You can get their address on their website. It would definitely be fun to watch your little one on telly and your little one will be excited too! Elizabeth has mixed feelings watching it. Shy, embarrassed and excited. LOL.

Gong xi fa cai everyone and may the year of the rabbit hop you to greater success, abundance of wealth and excellent health!

A shot right from the telly. I don't know why those black strips appeared.

Another try by pausing the video cassette but I have those grey lines instead.

This is the original lil' dahling


  1. wah so young already dapat appear on TV..hehe..all thanks to her ibu mithali :)

  2. not again? hahah. next time i send in your pic can ah? but you must give me your baby pic..keke

  3. chi sin wan errr...pudar already lar my baby pics..



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