Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Blessed Christmas everyone and hope it was a real good one. For me, it was a great one. A great time to spend with loved ones and the atmosphere was a merry one especially when you have children making most of the noise. My parents, sister and nephews came up to KL to spend Christmas with us again this year. So I was on leave two days before Christmas and was pretty busy with my family around.

I will continue on my Christmas celebration later but first I would like to share some other things first. I recently took Elizabeth for a Junior Music Course trial class. She was nervous but excited at the same time. Secretly, I was nervous and excited at the same time. But of course, I played it cool in front of my daughter. :P Having learnt the piano and finished Grade 8 before, I can actually teach my daughter piano. But after contemplating, I guess I won't make a good teacher to her because she'll be playful or either that I will lose my patience with her. Anyway, this course is more like an introduction to create an interest towards music and improve their listening skill. Elizabeth was very shy and so scared to press the key on her own. LOL. But in the end, she mustered some courage and press anyway. She really enjoyed it and wants me to signed up for the course. But she also asked me this,"Mummy, if i come for this class, will you come also?" Then I said yes because one parent must actually accompany their child for this Junior Music Course. So she said,"Ok, then I want." The teacher for his course is also quite professional in her teaching so I'm quite confident to sign up for the course. Hopefully it's my money's worth.

My post wouldn't be complete if there aren't any pictures. So here you are..

Elizabeth getting ready to tickle the ivories

Playing the low keys

Singing session. Shy Elizabeth at the back but I heard her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star quite loudly.

Each child were given a sticker each for their singing accomplisment.

Wah! Early training eh? Something Joseph learnt from seeing his sister playing with her doll.

Feeding the doll just now and now feeding himself long beans! :P

This lil' dahling taking so long to chew her food and still can strike a pose.

I don't know what kind of eating style is this.

Is today a sucking day?

First I caught this on camera and then..

..I caught this too on camera! She's feeding herself water and trying to feed the doll water at the same time. Multi tasking man. I don't know who taught her to put the plastic on her head.

I think Joseph has got a fetish for belly buttons. LOL. He just can't get enough of it!


  1. Glad to hear that Elizabeth enjoyed her JMC. So are you planning on getting a keyboard/piano for your home?

  2. Planning to bring up my old piano. Just don't know when and where to put in my tiny home. :P hahaha.



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