Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 Part 2

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

It was Christmas eve already and we began the day with a swim at the pool where I live. My nephews were of course thrilled except Elizabeth who wasn't allowed to swim because she just recovered from fever.

So happy to be in the pool despite the water being icy cold.

'Kid magnet' working his magic already.

My innocent girl couldn't swim.
After the swim, we went out for lunch at Tang Pin Kitchen. A new place just opened in Sri Petaling. This is our second time there but the first for my family. The first time, I was so ecstatic to find something like hakka mee in Sri Petaling finally and it tasted good too! It's actually Tang Pin's signature Mee Pok. But the second time around, I don't know why but it wasn't as tasty as the first time. Still my family doesn't seem to mind and so did my kids.

The signature Mee Pok dish. It's like hakka mee only with the added fish cake slices.

Happy to have out of his normal staple food - porridge and milk!

Giving her celebrity wave. :P

Arrmm..nom nom nom.
When the lunch was over, we headed to Bangsar Shopping Centre to collect my Honey Baked Ham from O Gourmet. The Christmas decoration there was not too bad. It gave quite a happy feeling to me. Christmas was in the air already. Elizabeth liked the big ball ornaments hanging from the ceiling especially. She said it was like bubbles. :)

Christmas deco at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Look at the 'bubbles' as exclaimed by Elizabeth, hanging from the ceiling.
Look at that littlest angry fellow who wants it his way. Those are real pine trees by the way. I like how they make the stalls in a shape of Christmas ornament. Pretty clever eh?

The Christmas tree outside Bangsar Shopping Centre. Aww..look at the cute snowman.

Boys will be boys. Just can't stop moving.

And end up like this.
Then I decided to make him stay put by feeding him porridge. My mom is feeding again for me. :P
Dinner was at the comfort of our home. My parents cooked a simple dinner for us. But our Christmas expedition wasn't over yet. My idea was to bring all of them to Sunway Pyramid so that we can marvel over the street lights I heard quite a few people raved about. The Christmas deco really did have that fantasy theme but it's still not the best deco. However, the street lights were really something. We seldom get to see something like this on our streets during Christmas do we? We didn't walk the whole of the street as I didn't want to tire my dad. There were so many street peddlers along the way and in the end I was lured by those flashy thingys and bought some for the kids. Luckily I don't see my nephews everyday, otherwise I'll be so broke every month. :P

Christmas deco at Sunway Pyramid

We must have a pic also in front of that globe.

This display was at the beginning of the street.
The Christmas street lights at Sunway Pyramid. Not my best shot and angle though.

I didn't know Rudolph had a sister. :P

She even has a magic wand!

Those flashy thingys that I couldn't resist.
That was the end of our Christmas eve. Will be back with more on Christmas day! Stay tuned.

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