Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Part 1

My poor Joseph is sick. The doctor said it's a virus that causes him to vomit, have diarrhoea and fever. He is quite weak and have no mood to play. Only managed a few weak smiles and only wants to be carried all the time. The doctor said when this happens it is best to keep him hydrated with water or salt water even 100 plus with water added (so that it's not too sweet). The doctor also gave medicine for stomach pain/wind. Poor boy is just so moody, I really hope he gets well soon.

He looks so weak.

Very whiny when sick.
Anyway, as promised earlier, I will start my story on my Christmas celebration. My parents, sister and nephews were supposed to come up to KL on 23rd December. So in preparation for their arrival, I got a Yule Log cake from Coffee Bean. It's a Christmas cum birthday cake because my nephew's birthday falls on 22nd December. We planned to celebrate his birthday a day later.

This is the Yule Log Cake from Coffee Bean.

My humble Christmas tree. Sorry I forgot to take another pic of the tree with additional presents after my family arrived.
The day arrived and I was so excited awaiting their arrival. Elizabeth was also so excited. Can't wait to see her gor gors. As for Joseph, he's still too small to know what's going on. LOL. My mom told me that my nephews were also excited. One kept asking numerous times when are they going up to KL and the other one woke up so early on the day itself! Sounds like me when I was young before going on a trip. Hehe.

Finally they arrived and after settling down, we were off to our first destination...1 Utama! We were there for a few good hours admiring the Christmas deco, letting the kids have fun and did some shopping too. We went home to have our dinner and to celebrate Benjamin's birthday (my nephew) too. I can see that he was thrilled and also happy to get a birthday present from hubby and me. Anyway, the cake was delicious and definitely worth my money. After dinner, we went to Pavilion. There's no stopping us eh? But we missed the fake snow falling, drat! So we can only admire the Christmas deco and took some photos.

The Christmas deco at New Wing 1 Utama. I don't like the pavement. It was so rocky. Makes it hard to push the stroller.

The little one admiring the deco with my nephew Brandon being his 'kuli'

Elizabeth and her beloved gor gors.

Me and my beloved lil' dahling
Christmas deco at Old Wing 1 Utama. The deco at the New Wing is more beautiful but at least the pavement here is smooth.

The little one decided to push the stroller at tortoise speed. You can see the look for boredom and frustration on my sister's face.

They had stalls to keep children busy like this Play-Doh stall. 
Elizabeth and her Play-Doh ice-cream.

She really can't get enough of merry-go-rounds and this time joined by her gor gors.
My dad bought for them blueberry candy cane and look what it did to their tongue. LOL.

I forced them to pose with their candy canes. :P

Oh it was so nice to take a break from feeding him once in a while. He really likes to bully me spitting out his porridge. At least with my mom, he is more civilised.

Getting rowdy already after the feed!

My parents and half of their grand children. :P

One for the family minus my hubby who was at work. It was hard to get everyone to look at the camera. Stranger's fault! But anyway, thanks stranger.

Finally Joseph is looking but the picture is kinda blurry. Oh well, whatever.
And of course must have a pic with my two lil' dahlings.

The happy birthday boy, Benjamin and his cake.

A complete family pic now.

I don't know what is Joseph so excited about.

Christmas deco in Pavilion.

It was hard to take a family pic with a 'worm' squirming to get down and run away.

Mom, sister and nephews.

Another view from top at Pavilion

Looks magnificent isn't it? That dude just had to spoil my picture.

Another view. Look at the crowd.

Christmas deco outside of Pavilion

Remember this? The same deco they had last year. This time it was placed at another location. I'm not that bird-brained, Pavilion. :P
I think that's a whole lot of picture for today and I shall continue with Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the pics!! They are lovely. Alamak, I also bought blueberry candy cane for them lerr..coz that's the only flavour they had at the store where I got them. Good to see that your kids adore their cousins :) More photos please, thank you!

  2. You are most welcome. Haha..nvm let them have a 'blue' christmas this year. LOL. Yeah they adore coz they get a lot of attention now. Sure will, more coming up ok? Stay tuned.



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