Friday, December 3, 2010

17 Months Already

Joseph turned 17 months already. We didn't celebrate or anything yesterday. The little dahling was having fever.

17 months already and what milestone has he reached? Sometimes I don't really keep track with all these milestone. But when I do, I'll just try to blog about it if I do remember. For the record, of course by now he can already wave bye bye and clap hands. Just two days ago, I thought it sounded like he was calling me "Mummy". Yesterday he did it again. When he ran to me crying, he made this sound, "Maahhh Meeee Maaahhh Meeee". I wonder is he calling me? Oh he can also do this..

Mastering the skill of going on and off his car and riding it forward with ease.

Yesterday, while his sister was doing this...


Elizabeth's depiction of an AEROPLANE and MONSTER. Cool eh?

someone else was doing this...

Playing with crayons and I tried to stop him when he..

"Herrhh!!!" at me.

Huh? Did you say anything, Mum?

Have a great weekend peeps! TGIF!

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