Monday, December 6, 2010


Tantrum. Joseph is starting to develop it and testing my patience with it. Now I not only have to face one but two kids throwing tantrum.

On Saturday, he showed his tantrum when it was time to leave The Curve. Then he did it again when it was time to leave the restaurant after dinner. Wah, we had to withstand his cries from the restaurant until we reached home. He was kicking and screaming in his car seat. Luckily he was strapped otherwise I will be his victim. I noticed that I'm always his victim. Kesian me. He will be climbing on me, up and down, everything is not right for him. I will be trying all ways and means to stop him but he will still be blaring his voice box. Wow. I'm so worried about his voice box man.

Elizabeth with the Christmas decorations at The Curve

Dinner before the nightmare on Sri Petaling starts

On Sunday, he broke my favourite mug. It was a gift from my college friends. He poured milk on the floor. Shift my stuff around the house and then I said ENOUGH! Time to unwind by switching on his favourite CD.

My fav hoo hoo.
Can you see how sticky and oily the floor is from the milk he poured?

Watching intensely

Until he was so relaxed

After watching his favourite cd, he was fully recharged again and I decided to take them for a swim. He enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to go back and another temper tantrum started off. He kept shoving his float to me as if to ask me bring him for a swim again. He only stopped crying when he heard me scolding his sister. Kepo boy.

Trying to comb his sister's hair with her comb

Trying to be a model

Gangsta's paradise

Elizabeth smiling broadly

Joseph is even laughing
Posing for the camera
The final tantrum of the day occurred when the food I fed him finished and he got upset. That's when I had ENOUGH again and I waved the white flag and pretended to faint. Yes, I really did pretend to faint. Flat on the floor. And he stopped short. Crawling on me, up and down. Like a little lost puppy. And after about a minute, I pretended to be conscious and surprised to find him on me. He was thrilled to see me conscious again and hugged me a few times. I'm touched but at least the tantrum was gone. Maybe you guys can try it too. But I won't guarantee whether it'll work the second time around..hehe.


  1. Haha, I like the part about you pretending to faint. Works huh? Reminds me of you doing yoga poses the last time and Elizabeth was so worried...hehe

  2. Works for that one time lar. Haven't tried the second time. hehe. Yes, reminded me of Elizabeth last time also when I did the yoga poses. hahaha.



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