Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lazy holiday

Yipee! It's a public holiday. The day started with an early bird who never wants to miss catching the worm and never gives me chance to catch extra 40 winks.

He woke up early because he pooped in his diaper, so I had to bathed him. After his bath, I wrapped him up in his towel and he roamed around the house.

Come here you, Joseph!

Lost balance and ended up lying on the floor.
It was quite a slow day. Doing my mother duties like bathing the kids, boiling his porridge, feeding the kids, putting them to nap, you know the usual mother stuff.

For now, Joseph still nap twice a day most of the time. On naughty and hyperactive days he naps once. :D Too much distraction that prevented him from getting his beauty sleep.

So what did I do with big sister when little brother was having his morning nap? I did craft with her and let her do some painting by herself.

Thanks to Merryn's craft blog, I got this idea from her and tried it out with Elizabeth. You can get the steps from there and do it with your little ones too.

Can you spot the Red Elephant?
A closer look. Isn't it cute?
The little artist

She's quite an abstract artist, isn't she?
We went to the Bukit Jalil park in the evening but too bad I left my camera at home and had to resort to my camera phone. Only took some pictures of the kids after feeding the fishes in the pond. It's an ideal holiday for my husband. A day without having to go shopping. :P

We just let them run and run on the grass

And run and run they did

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  1. Thanks for the pics Carol. I think Joseph looks really sexy in his towel haha and yes, Elizabeth is quite an abstract artist. The next Picasso eh? Kids just need to let out their energy so I think that they enjoy going to the park a lot also because they can run and laugh and just be kids. Also, better for your pockets instead of going shopping eh? :)



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