Monday, December 6, 2010

Everyday Little Einstein!

Elizabeth is 4 years and 1 month old today. She is still very obsessed with Little Einstein. I don't know how long this craze will last. I hope it's a sign that she will really turn out to be a Little Einstein in the future and bring hope to all mankind. Aiyoh where is this leading to? I exaggerated the last part. That is just for my own daydreaming..:P

Just thought of sharing some pictures of her to show how obsessed she is.

Little Einstein must accompany her even while drinking milk before she goes to bed


The Little Einsteins sings, "Ah pat, clap, pat, clap, pat clap".


  1. carol..jgn x 2 kids yg besar tu pon still tgk citer ni laaa ;-)

  2. ke? takpe la kan? lebih baik dari tengok ultraman or power rangers. kakaka



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