Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Annual Concert Day

On the 17th October 2010 marks the first concert for Elizabeth. Her kindy had started practice few months ahead for that one night performance. They even did a full dressed rehearsal I think a week before the concert. Her class performed a russian dance.

Elizabeth with her makeup on. How's mommy's skill?

When the concert was just around the corner, she reminded us many times to "go and see me dance". Finally the day came and she fell sick instead. But it didn't stop her from dancing. She was still adamant to perform and remind us to attend.

So I put on make up for her and sent her off to her kindergarten. I saw all her girl classmates in black heeled shoes. Then I asked her class teacher and found out that they were suppose to wear that. Ding dong! That rang a bell. Now I know! No wonder she was telling me that she wants a 'kok kok' (high heeled) shoe like Mei Xin's. And I thought it was something she just wanted. I told her some other time because she didn't mention that it was for the concert.

We rushed her to a nearby store and bought a cheap one for her with lacy socks too. She nearly miss the bus sending them to the concert venue. Phew!

A shot before going up the bus

The poor little dahling had to go to the concert on a bus with her friends first. I was worried that she would throw up in the bus. Parents were supposed to be at the venue later at 7pm because the children have to do a final rehearsal there first before the concert start.

We were one of the early ones to arrive and got a good seat. Joseph also kept us busy chasing him around and feeding him to distract him. Finally it was Elizabeth's class' turn to perform and we just had to allow Joseph to play with some other children otherwise we won't be able to catch Elizabeth's performance. Fortunately, the lady who sat next to me said her daughter will take care of Joseph and play with him.

It was a proud moment for both of us. I can see that Yap is also beaming with pride. I had tears in my eyes also. Seeing her perform makes me so touched and proud even though her steps were not perfect. She is perfect in my eyes.

So shy on stage after finishing the performance.

Reciting a poem.
Sorry no dance picture because I was busy taking the video.

We didn't stay till the end because seriously she smelt like a garbage for throwing up twice before the performance so we had to remove her from that place. ;) I'm still proud of your sweetie for pulling through the performance despite being smelly.
Yeay! I survived it!

Most of her makeup was gone.

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