Friday, September 7, 2012

Boys And Games

About a year ago, I did blogged about how my daughter was also caught in the technology web, playing Angry Birds and all that here. During that time, Joseph wasn't caught in the web yet. I mean he enjoyed playing too but usually with guidance. It was the best time for Elizabeth because Joseph would never fight for the smartphone or game console.

But things are different now. Both my kids will fight for their turn to play games on my hubby's Iphone. Most of the time, didi will win the fight. Poor jie jie won't be playing long if it's her turn. I think partly because she feels uncomfortable with her brother hot on her heels! Although the apps downloaded are mostly educational or kid-friendly, I still impose a "only-play-on-weekend" rules on them.

Joseph caught on fast and is such an expert now playing on his own by observing and learning through his big sister. Do you know that their all-time favourite game is Cupcake Maker? LOL. If only they can do a real cupcake for me instead of a virtual one. Hehe.

Here's two videos of Joseph having all the Iphone to himself while jie jie was having her afternoon siesta.


  1. My girls are interested in Ice-Cream or Juice Makers. I am going to introduce Cupcake Maker to them. Me too, only weekend can play games.

    1. Ice-cream maker and Juice maker huh? Sounds like fun. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I hv got another one here...Donut Maker. My boy found this game from Apps and downloaded it himself. :(

    At the very begining when I first bought the phone, it will always in my boy's hand but after about a month, I think he has got bore and nowadays he hardly asked for it.

  3. kids these days... my nephews and nieces chase after us every weekend to see what new games we have loaded onto our iPad and phones. Not like they don't have it...but I think it the fun of playing their aunty's and uncle's. lol.

  4. oh no! hahaha welcome to the new world!

  5. oh boy, kids these days are so good with these games huh? we just imposed a ban on Ashley cos she's addicted already :(

  6. Wah! Expert! kids are really good in these iPad games nowadays!

  7. kids nowadays have all the ipad, iphone gadgets in their hand all the time :) so lucky!

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