Friday, September 21, 2012

Activities For Preschoolers Or Toddlers 2

Running out of ideas on how to keep your children busy? You can actually use anything in the house to amuse them. Like I did with their empty medicine bottles and plastic cookie jars. I open their lids, placed all the bottles and lids in front of them and  asked them match lids to bottles. This can improve their motor skills right? They had fun putting the lids on and off over and over again.

Joseph got excited and stuffed all the smaller bottles into the plastic jar. Then he carried the jars and ran round and round his sister. *shakes head*

Elizabeth wants to do it too.

If you want good, old-fashioned fun then construct a tent together. I used my extra blankets and chairs. Add a night light for more fun to the atmosphere. Then playtime can begin! My tent was up for a few days. The children didn't allow me to dismantle it so fast. 

First, the living room light was on, then they asked me to switch it off. At one point, it would be pitch black if not for the night light.
Joseph was inspired by the darkness that he started singing. LOL.


  1. Not bad ehh.Sounds like so much of fun. I would give a try too!

  2. I agreed with you! I also did this activity with my kids to keep them occupied :P



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