Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Jam Packed Day!

Last Saturday was a jam packed day with activities. Elizabeth had to miss her JMC and ballet classes that day. In the morning, we arrived early at Rumah Charis, home for the children (orphanage) and home for the aged.

It was actually a charity or CSR event organised by Elizabeth's kindy, Q-dees. Only the 6 years old children were invited to join in the event if they are interested. Since it is her final year in kindy, we were happy to join in. It is a good way to teach our children about charity, giving back or create the awareness about many under priviledge children in our society.

Some of the 6 year olds came with their parents. The teachers of Q-dees were also present to lead the children during the event. All the children were required to do was just to have fun and play games with the children of Rumah Charis.

Joseph also joined in the activities. He enjoyed it!

They had KFC for brunch. This orphan girl seems to like playing with Joseph.
Watch this video to see the children playing happily.

It was a first new experience for my kids and they seemed to enjoy it. Maybe we can pay more visit to orphanage in the future. The children at Rumah Charis were treated to brunch and they each got gifts too. Even the children from Q-dees were given gifts as a token for participating in the event. The caretaker of Rumah Charis was given cheques. Those were the donations from the parents of Q-dees children. Hopefully this will help Rumah Charis in some way!

Later that day after lunch, we attended another event sponsored by Dutch Lady. It all happened when I received a call from Dutch Lady extending me an invitation to their event at Kidzania. When I heard Kidzania, of course I accepted the invitation straight away. LOL. The invitation is for 2 adults and 2 children. Perfect!

So off we go to Kidzania for the second time but it was the first time for hubby and Joseph. We registered first as invited guests and were presented a goody bag. We were briefed later that Dutch Lady will be conducting a finger print exercise and produce a report from there for our children. The report it seems will tell us our children's potential and maybe give us a guide and insight as to what their future may be.

We were ushered into the Plaza Premium Lounge in Kidzania and we were briefed clearly again about the event. According to the staff from Dutch Lady, we are the first to experience their new promotion which they will launch it next month.

The finger print of every finger were recorded into their system which generated a report after every finger has been taken.
After getting the report, there will be consultants to explain to us (one consultant to one family) the results of the report. I now know that each finger print can be analysed to find out our natural talents in different fields. For example the thumb finger print is for 'The Developer' in us and this person has the ability to recognise, find and develop new ideas. The index finger is 'The Solver' who has the ability to find solutions to problems. The middle finger is 'The Actuator' who has the ability to run an established system or program. The ring finger is 'The Communicator' who has the ability to perform well as a communicator, both verbally and written. Lastly, the little finger is 'The Observer' who has the ability to observe various things, both in small and large scopes.

Here's an example of one of the cards the consultant showed to me. She will show you the cards based on your which readings are the highest in your child's report.
Every child, I believe has natural talents in all these fields. It's just depends on the reading whether it's high, average or low. If it is high then you know that your child are more prone to that specific natural talent. What we as parents can do is to encourage and do more activities to hone that skill. In conclusion, the consultants advised us to never stop the child from learning anything. Encourage them in as many fields as possible. It is better to be good in all fields rather than just focusing on one or two. Release the potential in our children. I am so honoured to be invited and be a part of this event to have first hand experience. It is an eye opener for me and I feel priviledged as a member of Dutch Lady's Mom's Club because only selected club members were chosen. Thank you Dutch Lady!

When we're done with the consultants and got whatever information we wanted already, it was free and easy time for us. That means we can proceed to Kidzania and have fun! Of coruse we couldn't finish many jobs this time because time were taken for the Dutch Lady event and also the fact that it was the weekend. The queue and waiting time was longer. Still, we were grateful for the free access to Kidzania. Joseph and Elizabeth enjoyed themselves especially the firefighter job without any doubt. LOL. It must be that chant, "Kidzania, firefighters..Kidzania, firefighters!"

Joseph ran faster than his sister to cash in Kidzania's cheque. So excited! And so happy to receive his 50 kidzos. The first job he wanted to do was to drive car but he was not tall enough so the next best thing is pumping petrol.

Not surprise that the queue for the firefighters job was long. My kiddos looked so cute in the uniform.

We were given free meal vouchers by Dutch Lady too for our dinner. There were 2 kids meal vouchers and 2 adults meal vouchers.
The uniforms were oversized. But doesn't it made Joseph looked cuter? LOL.

That was about 5 jobs they managed to do. They did the pilot job too but I regret not purchasing the photo. :(
They were left with so many kidzos in hand, so I allowed them to purchase some souvenirs for 50 kidzos each.
We all went home very tired that day but happy. ^_^


  1. Your day has been a fruitful one..I guess it must be a real tiring day after all the activities.

  2. It was indeed a day which was full of programs. I am sure your kids were dropped dead tired after returning home. I like Elizabeth's toga dress.

  3. Such an eventful day! Exposing children to charity such as orphanage, the old and disable one is a good learning. And not to mention Kidzania, it's not only fun but it's educative~

  4. wow, what a long day indeed for all of you. The trip to the orphanage is a great one for the kids huh? The Dutch Lady programme is pretty interesting :)



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