Monday, September 24, 2012

Playdough Activities

We haven't really gotten down seriously to play with the homemade playdough that I had made until yesterday. Here's what we did..

I started the ball rolling by doing a snail.

This is my first model after how many years not playing with plasticine when we were young.LOL. Joseph added that funny hat for the snail, eyes and nose.

Elizabeth copied my snail but her snail is larger than mine.

My cupcake is the one on the left and Elizabeth's cupcake is the one on the right. But where's Joseph's cupcake?

He didn't bother doing a cupcake because he was busy adding funny shapes on the snail. "Ta da!", he says. That snail must be from another planet. LOL.

More colours added to our homemade playdough collections! The yellow one looks like durian or not? Keke.
I'm done with making my homemade playdough already with all the colourings I had. Yay and phew! But actually once you get the hang of it, you can produce one coloured playdough within minutes. Now let the fun begin!


  1. Very nice activity to do with the kids. I homemade playdough once but after storing for some time, foul smell appeared. Not sure if my recipe was wrong or what.

  2. good job! this is so much fun. can i send ashley over to your house? hahhhaa

  3. hi Carolyn, visiting you after an absence. Thanks for all the encouraging comments you left on mine. :) I love home made playdough too, and sometimes I add a touch of lemon essence for a lovely aroma. :) Lovely snails and cupcakes. :)

  4. Hi Carolyn, just drop by say hello.
    Looks like fun fooling around with that.....
    Have a nice day.

  5. So nice! This is one thing I have no patience on. I dislike playdoh! Lol.. kesian ethan is deprived of this :(

  6. Did this once....long long time ago. It's fun!



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