Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fish Craft

I haven't been doing any art and craft with Elizabeth for quite a long time until recently she pleaded with me many times to do one with her. She sounded like a broken record, repeating non stop every few minutes, I had to relent in the end for my own sanity. So while Joseph was having his afternoon nap, we did a fish craft together. It's pretty easy and I got the idea from Disney Junior's website and improvised a little.

You need felts. I didn't have enough felt for the fins and spots so I used foam paper for that. Draw the fish, lips, fins and spots.
Fold the purple felt to cut two fish shapes. Cut the rest too.
Place some cotton wool on one of the fish shape.

Carefully put the fins and lips at the correct part of the fish shape. Apply glue on the other fish shape and stick the two fish shape together (with the cotton wool, fins and lips in between).

Then apply glue on all the spots and stick on both sides of the fish's body.

Lastly, glue two wiggly eyes on each side of the fish. Poke a hole on the upper fin to put a ribbon through and tie a knot to it. Wala! You have a fish to carry or hang it around. See my girl so happy to finally do a craft. It's been so long.


  1. wah, I like Eli's new haircut! And the fish is so cool. It has such kissable lips..haha. Thanks for sharing the steps. Will refer to your blog for ideas if i ever have kids next time or I can even use the idea for my sunday school kids :)

  2. Pandainya! Your girl has a happy smile on her face... achievement! you know.. with all these 5 S in the office, it is more like going to school now and pasting alphabets here and there.. :)

  3. girl was asking me the same request. Sigh** Guess it's time to fork out some time for her. The fish is very nice....very meaty.ahhahaha

  4. oh this is such a cool craft. i like it :) Elizabeth looked so happy with her pretty fish :)

  5. So hardworking you, doing craft with your girl. I will usually take the nap together with them.

  6. wow!! They are obviously very crafty and talented and most importantly, they are happy!

    Good job mommy!!

  7. Eh your daughter ut hair shorter? Look so cute now!

  8. Quality time spent with your sweetie. Can u go to pos Laju today to claim d pkg I sent u? Pod Laju called me n said if not claimed today, it will b returned to me. Call 019 2784389.

  9. Hi Carolyn, thats really very creative. Kids love drawing and sure way of maybe getting them interested in arts and crafts later on in life.

    Here too schools have a lot of emphasis on arts and crafts....
    Good for you lending a helping hand, not to mention the bonding of mother and daughter.
    Have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.

  10. wow, love the craft idea here! ve3ry nice. :) can copy? haha...

  11. sunsetrose: you like her new haircut? haha. good.

    Claire: Thanks! with the help of mummy..hehe.

    Yee Ling: Your girl too? do this easy craft then..hehe.

    Barbara: Thanks Barbara. You can try with Ashley too.

    Sheoh Yan: I take naps with them too but sometimes my girl will have a few requests here and there.

    Catheryn: yeah good bonding time right? have u started doing arts and crafts with isabelle?

    Jenny: yeah. couldn't stand tying up her hair everyday. lol.

    Quay Po: Yeah quality time indeed. sorry again abt the pos laju thing. :(

    Uncle Lee: Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I know about school in western countries emphasize more about arts and crafts right? maybe it's time the schools here did too.

    Martha: of course you can! that's why i shared on the blog right? :)

  12. i wanna make myself a big fat fish too :P

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