Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Year Older!

When I was a child, I used to be very excited and happy to celebrate my birthday. The cake, the presents all seem very appealing to me. I just celebrated my birthday not too long ago. Although I'm still excited and happy to celebrate my birthday, it is the aftermath when reality sets in that I realised I'm another year older. Aiyoh..getting older! But nevermind, I tell myself that we have to embrace our age with open arms and age gracefully..:)

I received two handmade cards on my birthday. One was from Elizabeth and the other one from my nephew, Brandon (with some help from Joseph) :P Handmade cards are always so precious right? Takes me back to my old memories of me making cards for my mum or dad for their birthdays. My sister and me always competing with each other to make the nicest card. I will keep the cards just like how my parents kept them. It will be touching for them just like how I was touched to know my parents kept them over the years.

This is the front of the card from Elizabeth. It was raining when she drew the card I guess. I asked why am I not on the card and she said because I'm looking at the card. LOL. The three figures depicts her father, brother and she herself.

This is the back of the card from Elizabeth.

She wrote this in the card.

This is my nephew, Brandon's card to me.

Brandon is my 14 year old nephew. He said Joseph also helped in making this card by pasting some of those hearts and scribbling on it. LOL.

This is what Brandon wrote in the card and since Joseph helped to scribble the card again, he wrote Joseph's name down on the card too. LOL.

This is the strawberry monster (Joseph!) who ate every strawberry on my birthday cake!


  1. sweet of Eli!! Dear Dear Mami..hehe..although I don't understand what is kok kok? Can you please translate? And I like the last pic! Strawberry monster!! :) Happy belated birthday and you look more beautiful each passing year :)

  2. Happy Belated birthday! and I think it's so cool that your daughter thought of you reading the card so she only drew the other 3. :) P.s thanks for the clothes, I will be there tomorrow so will look for it. Timing's perfect too! thanks. :)

  3. aww such cute kid has some cravings towards strawberry? :) glad to see that you have good time with the relatives

    Latest: Malaysian Version of "International"

  4. sunsetrose: kok kok is gor gor lar. hahahahha. She doesn't know how to spell that. I also like that Strawberry monster pic that's why I shared the pic. Thanks you look more beautiful with each passing year too.

    Martha: Thanks! Yeah I found it weird at first but then I think it's cool too. hehe. You're most welcome. I hope it's enough.

    Fish: Yes, he loves strawberries even when it's sour for us. lol.

  5. Regret that I didn't keep those cards that my girls made for me previously. I started to keep them only recently. Happy belated birthday to you.

  6. Happy Belated birthday to u! It's my birthday today hahahaha

  7. happy babeday:D

    handmade cards are simply delightful. received one during christmas and its still sitting prettily in our display cupboard. much thoughts and patience. lovely!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to you. The cards are so cute!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    May you be blessed with health, joy, happiness, love and many many more in returns.

  10. Um, you failed to mention how old you just turned ;)
    Happy Belated Birthday!! Those were very nice cards from your littles! :)



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