Monday, March 19, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

I've always wanted to be apart of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya and this year we really made it happen. It's our first time and I hope we will be there again next year. We were there on the last day of the event on Sunday so it was expected to be in a crawl as we approach the venue to find for parking.

I wanted to be a kiasu and arrive there as early as 7.30am to purchase the tickets for the hot air balloon tethered rides but alas we couldn't make it because hubby wanted to fill up his tummy first. Sob sob. :( In the end, we arrived close to 9.00am and the tickets were all sold out already! Disappointed. But since we're there we just joined in the crowd and it turned out to be an enjoyable outing after all despite the scorching weather. I got me self a sunburn can you believe it? Sob sob. Now I have a triangle shape on my back. LOL.

Elizabeth was really looking forward to the hot air balloon tethered rides and I had a lot to explain to her. Kids can really be a pain when they refuse to accept any explanations. :P We walked around finding for some activities and the kids were attracted to the giant inflatables. Then Elizabeth was attracted to the Zorbing ride. There were many people eager to try this ride out so we found ourselves waiting in line for nearly half an hour. I was so proud that Elizabeth was brave enough to try out Zorbing although halfway through I saw her panic striken face. Still she made it through. My hubby said he won't be trying Zorbing anytime soon after that experience. He said it was so hot and stuffy inside the ball, he couldn't breathe. LOL.

Initially, while we were queing for the Zorbing ride, we made plans to try out other rides but after that Zorbing ride, hubby called it quits. The weather was really hot. On our walk back to the car, the children saw a train ride and Joseph literally pulled me to it. They got the train ride and were happy campers.

We will try to be back next year and this time we must be more well prepared and arrive there as early as possible.

We can only soak in the view of the hot air balloons since we were too late for the rides.

And they're up. The same blue and white hot air balloons now up in the sky.  

More colourful ones. Lucky people. I'm so jealous of them because they got to ride on it.

Joseph, Elizabeth and me. I guess the more fancy hot air balloons will only make an appearance later in the evening.

Putrajaya lake and that beautiful bridge across it.

We saw people playing water orbs.

Powered parachutes in the sky.

Giant inflatables. Joseph wanted to give it a try.

Elizabeth was afraid at first but was tempted to try in the end. Bravo!
The Zorbing ride. Joseph enjoyed pushing the giant ball.

Elizabeth and Joseph having a train ride and then playing with bubbles.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that big ball of air is called Zorbing and yes I can see that it's a hot day because Eli's fringe is plastered on her forehead but she looks happy despite of that :) Yes, next year do try to go earlier to get tickets for the hot air balloon ride. You can share the experience with us. Glad you had an enjoyable family outing last weekend. Hope there will be many many more to come :)

  2. I wanted to go too but hubby was not keen. Eventually, he had food poisoning so it was not on. Sob sob.

  3. So many event this year, I'd miss it!
    p/s:Beautiful pics!

  4. Initally we plan to go on the last day I woke up at 5.30am to pull up the big kid, but I gave up. If the weather is not that hot, then it will be nice to stay up till late night for the Night Glow session.

  5. Didn't know there are so many activities there. You kids have lots of fun.

  6. Hi Carolyn, beautiful pics of the balloons. We get a lot of that here in Summer, floating around in the evening sky. But have never been in one.
    This place Shah Alam?
    I stayed here wayyy back in the early '80s. Just a few houses then. And the Lake I used to go fishing on and off weekends.

    Nice pics of you and family, and you look great.
    Have fun, stay young.

  7. Josheph really brave than jie jie. seems like he bring jie jie up. then show jie jie how to go down.
    Hope my family can go with your family next year.

  8. sunsetrose: Yeah it was hot! It wouldn't be that hot if we had gone earlier.

    MG: Hubby wasn't super keen also but I guess he knows how badly I want to go. LOL.

    Alice: How come? Never mind, there is always next year.

    Yee Ling: Wow! You woke up even earlier than me! We didn't plan to stay till night anyway. Don't think my kids can stand that long.

    Sheoh Yan: Yeah it will be around March next year too. Should be during school holidays. Make a trip next year?

    Uncle Lee: Really? Every summer? That's cool. You should go on one. We only live once..hehe. This is in Putrajaya. Not Shah Alam. You stay young too, Uncle Lee.

    Liew: Joseph was a bit hesitant at first too. But still more brave than jie jie. But funny thing is jie jie was more brave to go in that Zorbing ball but Joseph didn't want to go in.

  9. how i'd wish they have adult rides and games as well :) i dont fancy the gokarts there though

    Latest: Of LocaL Spiciness

  10. i skipped this event...wasn't too keen in getting into the heat over the weekend though the water orb looks enticing enough. had i known about it, i would have probably mustered the energy to make my way there.

  11. Hey carolyn!
    Looking beautiful with your lovely kids there!
    You are lucky to catch the parachutes! We only saw the hot air balloons, the helicopter and me melting away under the 12pm sun! But it was fun :)

  12. I always enjoy photos of your family outings. Looks like a fun day for all. Carolyn, you are a gorgeous mummy!

  13. wow, that was a fun trip. I guess the kiddos must have enjoyed themselves very much :)

  14. Hi Carolyn!

    I want to go but friend said loads of ppl, so last minute cancel :( btw, the water orbs looks fun!!

    Google no longer supports GFC for non-blogger blogs from 1st March onwards, so no point for me to keep the GFC widget anymore. You should join my FB page as well, more stuff being posted there everyday! ;)

  15. wow! Finally you went! Colourful isn't it? Looks like the kids had a wonderful time.

  16. Wow, quite a number of games and activities over there. I thought it was only hot balloon.

  17. we really wanted to do this but missed it. Next year I guess.



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