Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boys With Guns, Girls Who Dance

What's with boys and their fascination with guns? I don't encourage and that's why I don't have a toy gun for my boy, Joseph. But still some how, some way he came to know about this thing called 'gun'. From where, I'm not certain but it could be the times when he got the chance to play with his cousin's toy gun or I blame it on the TV although violent or action movies are quite controlled in our household. Maybe it's just natural for boys?

Joseph knows how to build a gun by himself using blocks.
Watch the video to see him in action.

And what's the deal with girls and ballet? I don't know whether your girls are also interested in ballet. But mine is. My best friend said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe she's right because I learnt ballet when I was young too. Her father took her to the bookshop during CNY and asked her to choose a book. She chose this book called Ballerina Stories. She's so in love with this book that she reads it everyday! So interested was she that we signed her up for ballet finally.

A gift from papa.

The book has many stories in it.

Elizabeth getting ready for ballet class. Joseph is so curious about the ballet shoes.

My little ballerina and her accomplice. Peace out!


  1. I saw this Ballerina Stories in MPH too. I didn't buy, intead I bought the other book, but same publisher, Fairy Stories for my girls.

  2. Wow..i love the sweet ballerina!!!

  3. me used to forbid ethan from playing with guns too until he learned it from his friends in BaoBei >_< Now... just let him be lor. Boys will be boys.. -.-

  4. I don't have boys, so I don't know. But I know my nephews too are into guns , kongfu and racing cars! My girls...yes, they love ballet..I think it's the colour pink that attractss them. haha..:) Cute video! hehe

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