Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diaper Less Days Are Here

Yes, diaper less days are here finally. And hopefully it is here to stay and we can all look forward to diaper free days soon. Actually I've started to potty train Joseph since he was about 30 months old. But at that time, he didn't want to tell when he's about to wee wee and we had a few leaky incidents. I confessed I sort of gave up after that because I felt that why force him when he wasn't ready? With Elizabeth, she was easier because she was more co-operative and she started potty training much earlier when she was 1 year plus. Something I'm very proud of. Hehe.

So anyway, with Joseph you could say maybe I've slacked or maybe I have a different thinking now and decided to let him be until he is ready. Now that he can speak better, I gave it a try again at the beginning of this month March. It was a success! Slowly but surely Joseph is able to tell us when he has the urge to pee and the leaky incidents have been reduced. 

However, we still have a problem because he still refuses to do his 'big business' in the potty. He will either do it in his diapers or do it while standing up in the toilet. LOL. So gross because I have to pick his litter up (using lots of tissue of course!). Oh well, again until he is ready to poo in the potty. Keeping my fingers crossed.

After he washes up whenever he poos, this cheeky boy will run out of the toilet and do a little 'PG rated' dance with legs bend and wide apart while shaking his willy. He even has a song for his little dance. While dancing he will sing, "shaker, shaker shaker!" LOL. There is a video of him doing that but too bad it's not for sharing since I do not have a video editor that can blur the censored parts. 

Joseph is also improving in the vocabulary department. His favourite and most overused word is 'too'. Everything is, "too tired, too heavy, too high, too many, too sleepy!" LOL. Recently, he likes to say "Moozee". It's actually "excuse me" whenever he burps, hiccups, farts or wants us to make way for him. LOL.

So these are some updates on Joseph who is 32 months old now. In four months time he is going to turn 3!


  1. Yay! *clap clap*

    We have not been making any progress with Ethan. Tried removing his diaper but he freaked out when he wet his pants and refused to pee into the potty. Otherwise, he will get a diaper and lie down on the floor and asks us to put it on when he wants to pee -_-

  2. A joyful milestone for Joseph. Good to know that.

  3. share with me the video la, i want to watch, hahaha......

  4. toilet training takes lots of patience...saw my mum in law getting the grandkids all to do it...

  5. Eiii... share la the shaker shaker dance video!

    I am sure you did an excellent job training your boy. I believe when the times comes, the diaper will need to get out of your house, totally!

    Isabelle is still poo-ing in her diapers. But has been very 'grown up' recently, telling me she need to go to toilet and usually she will whisper. I think she is shy to let others hear that she needs to go wee wee. Sei Oi Min!

    We have had many episodes of trying to potty train her and fail. So we skipped the potty and went straight to toilet training. Half way there!

    So gambate to us!!! :)

  6. I loathe potty training - it's got to be the hardest part of mothering...maybe. I'm glad my potty training days are over too. Anyway, good for Joseph and his mama! I can imagine him doing that dance - where did he learn it from?!

  7. another achievement done by your boy :) he learns pretty well eh

    Latest: You're Hot and Cold!

  8. Liew: come to place and I'll show you..;)

    missyblurkit: wow your MIL is very capable! a few kids at once!

    Catheryn: LOL. If I share the video, Joseph will kill me in the future when he sees this post. Gambate to you too! She's so cute she whispers to you!

    Germaine: Nice of you to drop by! You're lucky you are done with the training. I don't know where Joseph learnt it. I'm puzzled myself too.

    Fish: Thanks..:)



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