Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Dahling's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. Although he couldn't take leave to celebrate, we still managed to do it after work. As it is his birthday, it would be nice for the birthday boy (man!) to receive a treat what more than from his wife. This is when they would take full advantage on us right? Hehe. So we went to this Korean BBQ Restaurant called Daorae. They had this quite new branch in Sri Petaling finally! I love Korean BBQ so for me this restaurant's dishes are really not bad.

The birthday boy, don't ask me why he isn't smiling. :P

I try to avoid giving him food from the restaurant as much as possible, so these are some blueberries for him first.

So engrossed with his blueberries that he didn't want to look at the camera.

Second try and he finally looked into the camera but I was not prepared pulak and the picture was kinda blurry.

This is a herbal chicken soup korean style, comes with rice. Ordered this specially for Elizabeth. At the top right corner of this picture are the two sauces to be taken with the bbq meat. Very nice!

These are pork and you can see the other small side dishes, one of it is my husband's favourite kim chi.

This pancake korean style was on the house! Tasted not bad with the given chilli sauce beside it on the left. If you can spot another type of chilli sauce at the top of this picture, that is to be taken with the bbq meat and it really is a complement to the bbq meat.

Another kind of pork, chunkier this time. We also had lamb but I forgot to snap a picture of it. Too busy eating. Hehe.

What I like about the restaurant is also the service. Very fast and efficient. The waiter also taught us how to eat the meat. I mean we know how to wrap it with the lettuce but he told us the steps with the sauce, garlic, onion and spring onion. Makes a lot of difference in taste!
By now Joseph had already finished his blueberries, luckily I brought along two slices of bread torn it to pieces for him to consume.

This is another soup, kim chi soup. This soup is more for us that's why we ordered the former soup for Elizabeth.
A birthday wouldn't be complete without a birthday cake. So that's exactly what I got for my hubby, a chocolate mousse cake. The chocolate choice of cake is actually more for Elizabeth's sake. :P Joseph only got to taste two small tiny bites. Heheh.

The birthday boy with the children and a cake!

Another shot with Joseph getting excited already.

Haha Elizabeth with her eyes closed but Joseph looks perfect. It's really hard to get a good picture huh?

Joseph seem to enjoy when we were singing the birthday song.

Finally with me in it. Joseph is already getting restless. That's his feet, not his hands on the table!

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  1. Yap looks nice when he smiles wat. Can ask him to do it more often please? Practice makes perfect. I love your family pics and Joseph is so cute!! Of course Eli also lar. Can't wait to see both of them this CNY :)



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