Monday, January 3, 2011

What Happened To The Turkey?

Happy New Year 2011! Year 2010 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Now we're welcoming another new year and I hope this year will be a good one for me and my family. We haven't been celebrating or doing the countdown thingy ever since goodness knows when. My hubby doesn't like crowds and also because we skipped all these after we have our first child. This year was also no different from the last. The children were already asleep by then. Hubby and me would just kiss and wish each other at the balcony and watch the fireworks display until it ends. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share because yours truly left her camera at the office. So I'm left with my camera phone which I don't really like to use because it's more cumbersome.

I actually wanted to blog about the day after Christmas. My family were still around and were only planning to go back Malacca late afternoon. So we brought them all to the Bukit Jalil Park after breakfast. Weather was quite nice and not too hot. Our walk in the park wouldn't be complete if we didn't feed the fishes. So that was what exactly we did. We also went to the children's playground. The park has quite a huge children playground.

This was actually taken earlier on one of the weekends. Just thought I might share with you the pics.

This lil' dahling learning to feed the fishes.

Success! Can you see some of the hungry fishes? They were pretty aggressive as if they haven't eaten for 1000 years.

My family at the park. We fed fish food and also leftover expired bread.

The kids enjoyed feeding the fishes.

My lil' dahling often ended up dropping the fish food on the ground. Poor aggressive fishes looked disappointed.

Getting a go at the playground.

Looking so proud.

My nephew, Brandon always ensuring Elizabeth's safety.

Roaring like a lion.

This exact scene and venue reminded me of Elizabeth 3 years ago. The photo above was taken 3 years ago when Elizabeth was 14 months old.

Now she's this big already. Time really flies.

Look at this little monkey.

So excited to crawl through the tunnel.

And again wanting to climb up the slide the wrong way!
You might wonder why is the title of this blog post like that. I was actually going to tell what happened to the leftover turkey. We gave away nearly half of the turkey to my babysitter and the rest my dad cut it into small pieces and then fried rice together with it. It was really tasty. My dad's a great cook. Then the time came for them to pack up and go home. While they were all set and ready to leave, someone was keeping himself busy and didn't really mind them leaving to my surprise. Hehe.

This is the tasty fried rice with turkey meat, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.

This is the busy someone who thinks it's tea time. You can see my mom at the background leaving. LOL.

Now he thinks it's time to cook.

Huh? Did you just say you want some tea?
That evening, we had a wedding dinner to attend and we only took Elizabeth along. My babysitter was so kind to volunteer before hand to take care of Joseph even though we insist that she rest. So here are some pics and blessed new year once again!

Having some cocktail before the dinner starts. Hubby teaching lil' dahling how to "cheers".

Me and my lil' dahling
Elizabeth getting hyper already.


  1. Joseph is so cute la...I love to see his pics :)

  2. last time when I was still small and cute, my parents always brought me and sis to feed fishes @lake garden, Taiping! It makes me miss my old days......

  3. LOL. don't think you can camouflage yourself as Datuk Foo. You sure you fed the fished or caught the fishes?:P Miss the old days ler. Want to follow me feed the fishes?:P



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