Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcoming Joseph's Arrival

34 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Only 37 days to go. That's what it says on my desktop ticker. Can't believe time flies so fast. And soon I'll be a mother of two. This pregnancy has been a lot easier compared to the first. Although I have morning sickness and it lasted a little longer than the first. But still I must say it was more bearable. I don't vomit everyday like the first pregnancy. My face, hands and legs are not swelling yet. Well at least not yet I hope. My first pregnancy, I looked like an elephant. LOL. I don't have bad breakouts all over my body. My bloated tummy doesn't itch. I remember I used to scratch until I resemble a monkey. I still have the same aches and pains though. But still a whole lot better and I hope this also means that the baby will be easier to handle. :)

I went for my regular check up last Saturday and my gynae told me that my baby is already 2.4kg. I was quite shocked because he was 1.9kg two weeks before. That means he went up half a kg in two weeks time. My gynae also said that he is expecting a bigger baby than the first. He tried to do a 3D scan to see the baby's face but we couldn't see much. It was hard to make out also. I could only see like somewhat a side profile of the baby's nose and his left eye. I forgot to bring my thumb drive today so I'll just post a picture of the previous scan.

Joseph at 22 weeks already showing his asset.

I can't wait to see you, Joseph but please give me an easy delivery..hehe and also please be born in July and not later than 9th July. :D

Here's the 3D scans

If you can make out this scan, you will notice part of the thigh, knee and calf on the left and the arm on the right. Very flexible baby.

Can't see the face clearly but can actually see the baby's head, left eye closed, nose and mouth. Can you see it?

This one should be easy. It's his foot.

This last scan is also part of the face if you can make out the left eye and nose.


  1. Glad to hear that your pregnancy this time was much easier than the first. Yeah, I remember u telling me that you had unbearable itchiness esp your tummy area. Wishing you a safe delivery. Hopefully I can get to see baby Joseph when you are doing your confinement in Malacca.



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