Monday, June 8, 2009

The princess and the pea

When Eliza wanted to drink water, she came to me while I was ironing and said, "I want drink water". Then I went out to the living room and told my husband, "your daughter wants to drink water but I don't know why she won't ask you but ask from me instead."

Before that she came in asking for cheese and I had to go out and tell my husband to get her cheese.

There are times when she wanted to urinate and wanted me to bring her to the potty. So when my husband heard her request, he wanted to ease my burden by offerring to take her to the potty instead. Eliza said this to him, "qu kan xi"! (go watch your show) She chased him away to continue watching his tv show instead of bringing her to the potty. Which also meant that I couldn't get away with it. Sigh.

One day she took her favourite toy dog and bear and placed them on two mug coasters. Then she told the toys, "kuai tian mm mm, yau chu qi" which translates to faster pooh pooh, want to go out. I was surprised.

One day in the middle of the night, she woke up and cried for milk. So I went to make a bottle of milk for her but when I came in the room, she started crying and said she doesn't want that bottle. Why? Because the bottle was blue, she wanted the pink bottle. So she said, "I don't want blue colour nen nen, I want pink colour nen nen!" Grrr...I had to go back to the kitchen to pour the milk into the pink coloured milk bottle for the little princess. So demanding!

This got me thinking are we spoiling her? If we don't follow her demands, she will bring the whole house down. Sometimes we really don't have a choice.

Lately, she started to have a fear of the ticking noise from my table clock in the bedroom. She demanded it to be taken away. So to bring peace to the whole world, I had to bring the clock out. And the world was at peace again. Then the next morning, I sneaked the clock back into the room but by bedtime she remembered and make a fuss by crying. So out the clock went again. Very inconvenient for us when we want to look at the time. The next day my husband brought the clock back in again and she said, "No!" So we waited for her to fall asleep and sneaked the clock back in again. But guess what? The princess and the pea woke up in the middle of the night and said, "don't want clock!" And out the clock went again. Man, I'm gonna be late for work if this goes on. I think I have to get a wall clock. One that doesn't tick loudly. But is there such a clock?


  1. eh eliza is so cute lar! Hahaha.. maybe you can put the table clock a little further from her bed so tht the ticking is not that loud and obvious? Or get a digital one, kan pasar malam byk those cube digital clock for less than RM10.. ada light yang berwarna-warni somemore!

  2. hahaha..u say cute huh? when u r in the situation, u will feel so frustrated u know? i put a little further from her bed also she doesn't want. she just doesn't want to see the clock anywhere in the room. that's what husband said, we have to find digital clock already. but actually i don't really like digital clock la. but what to do right?

  3. Digital clock good wat. I also use digital clock. Mine is radio clock so the wake up call is radio station..then u hear nice music..can consider..



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