Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Innocent sweetums

Last Saturday, as usual we took Eliza for her Gymboree classes. Her first class was Music class. We were late for the class and so my hubby decided to drop me first at the car park while he went around looking for a parking space. So that I can enter the class first and not wait for him. But I forgot that my socks were in the baby bag. I left the bag for my hubby to carry. You see parents need to wear socks in Gymboree. That's their rule. So I had to wait for my hubby to arrive. Eliza was already getting impatient and one of the teachers saw that we were waiting. So she brought Eliza in first. And I was so relieved and proud to see that she went in without me happily. That's a good sign she might be ready for kindergarten.

There's a girl by the name of Marissa who is turning 3 this June in her class. She's taller and bigger size than Eliza. She likes to be in the limelight and has the "cannot lose" attitude. So if someone does better than her she shows a face. Anyway, during the last session in music class, children are allowed to explore with some musical instruments which mainly consists of percussions like drums, castanets, xylophone, cymbals, triangles and etc.

So Eliza was happily playing with a xylophone when Marissa suddenly came up to her and snatch the xylophone away from her instead of sharing. Eliza followed her and wanted to play together. But she shouted "NO!" to Eliza and I felt bad for Eliza. I wanted to smack that girl real hard but I was trying to contain myself. I was telling myself if she say it another time I'm going to say something to her. Eliza wasn't frightened but she came to me saying,"wait a while ah, ok?" Isn't she so sweet? Instead of getting angry with Marissa, she decided to wait for her turn. I knew that it's no use waiting for Marissa so I distracted Eliza with other percussions.

That gave me a thought. What if Eliza gets bullied in kindergarten next time? And I won't be there to defend her? Will she be afraid to make friends ever?


  1. What a sweet girl Eliza is. There are some lessons our children just have to learn on their own. I think Eliza is tougher than u make her out to be. So don't worry so much ok?

  2. Thanks sunsetrose. You know parents will worry especially moms!

  3. wah, eliza really steady lar.. can come n tell u wait a while ar..heheh so cute... entah-entah if it's us, we'll start to get ganas oredi!

  4. I don't know about myself. Maybe I was like Eliza also ler. Kena bully in kindergarten. Haha.



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