Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eliza's progress

Eliza is already 2 1/2 years old. And she's gonna be a big sister soon. I hope she will take everything well and make it easier for me.

She can be extra whiny nowadays and have temper tantrums. Maybe she knows she has to share the attention with a brother in the future. So better make full use of her chances now right? One thing I'm proud of her is that she has mastered potty training already. Much earlier than my nephews. She knows how to tell when she wants to urinate and poo poo. My babysitter already gave me back all the diapers and said she doesn't need to use them even at nap time. Some nights her diaper is all dry. Maybe I can start not using diaper for her at night soon. During weekends when we go out, her diapers are also dry. Maybe I can start using training pants soon. Save a lot on diapers right?

She can also talk more although sometimes it's still hard to understand. But there is definitely an improvement. She speaks both languages english and mandarin. So her sentences can sometimes be rojak. LOL. She talks a lot but when there is strangers around, she'll talk less. Why are most children like that? Hmmm...

She still love her gymboree classes. And last Saturday, I was so proud of her because she was the only one who really participated and stood right in front of the teacher. As if waiting for praises. I can see that her face was gleaming with happiness. The joy of attending a gymboree class. LOL. And at the end of the class, when the teacher asked them to say,"bye bye to gymbo the clown", she was the only who said it. I really should have brought my camera. Of all the day to forget. Sigh. Now, I'm worried that when I'm doing my confinement, she won't have gymboree classes anymore. She will definitely miss it and asked for it. She cried buckets when we didn't take her for gymboree class one weekend. Maybe I should sign her up for kindy when I come back to work after my maternity leave.

Here are two latest pictures of Eliza.

Vainpot in her new sunnies and shoes from Auntie Alexia.

Vainpot in another new shoes from Auntie Alexia.

The picture below is not a latest picture of her. It's just a photo effect I tried on photofunia.com. You can try it too.


  1. Hmmm..vainpot? reminds me of someone..haha. Don't worry lar. I think definitely there will be some adjustment for Eliza but I'm sure she will love her little brother to bits!

  2. r u referring to me? ya ya i 'edmit'..:P

  3. wah u also toy around with that photo program ar.. looks like a lot of fun but i lazy :) and i just got to know tht your baby boy's name is joseph!

  4. yeah i just toyed around once only. hehe..so now u know his name.



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