Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drama Queen

36 weeks already. Gosh, it's nearing. LOL. Getting excited and anxious. Hopefully my flu will be ok by then. It's really bad and I can't breathe. Head feels so heavy now. And I spoke too soon about my pregnancy. Now I'm having the itchiness again! So itchy! I feel like scraping the skin off at my belly. I have rashes all over it and the itchiness is killing me. It even spread to my buttocks. Arghh!

My Eliza is turning into a real drama queen. When she's in a good mood, she will be so sweet and smiley and everything won't tick her off. But once she's in a bad mood. The drama starts. LOL. Last Sunday, I had a dinner appointment with friends. The appointment was at 6.30PM. But at 5.45PM, Eliza was still sleeping. It took me some time to wake her up. This drama queen was whining on the bed, refusing to get up. After much persuasion coz I told her we are going out then she got up. But after that another drama. She saw her books and wanted to read book first. I told her we have no time for reading. I had to drag her to the potty even. She refused to urinate. After she got dressed, she wanted to read again. We told her we are going out already without her. Then she started to cry and run to us quickly. LOL.

My friend called her drama queen when they met and she started to cry. Maybe she seldom see my friends so she was a bit shy. She was so manja during dinner. Saying she was tired, sleepy, want to go home. Don't know what's keeping her away from that restaurant. She didn't even play with my friend's daughter who's the same age as her. They just said hello and goodbye to each other. LOL. Oh and even hug that's all. She didn't even want to sit in the baby chair. Sat on our laps the whole time. Asked to go to a water feature in the restaurant numerous times. She has a thing for water. LOL. But at least she went to the restroom twice with me and managed to pee. I was relieved! Didn't want any embarrassing moment in the restaurant. Although I took an extra pant just in case.

She is really my little drama queen. Everyday there's some sort of drama, big or small. Maybe girls just really wanna have fun. It's fun for her to be dramatic..hehe.

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  1. Haha ... ! You sure she didn't pick this up from you? :P



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