Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The story of a very sick mother

I have been having flu for 2 weeks already. It was very bad and never seem to get better even after medication. It gets even worst when I go to work due to the central air conditioning. My nose will get all blocked and I can't breathe. I can't even blow out my phelgm. It was all stuck in my nose. Imagine when I have my food, I have to quickly chow down the food to take a breath before chowing down again. Like a fish gasping for air. LOL.

I felt a little better at home because I don't switch on the air conditioner. So at least I get to breathe a little bit. But still the flu didn't leave me. My medicines all finished even. Anyway, imagine going through this during pregnancy. I felt like giving up on life. LOL.

Last Thursday, to make matters worst, I was woken up in the middle of the night because of my 'dear' sister in-law, who I really don't understand up till this day why did she left the TV on with the volume quite high, lights on and also the fan was on. But she was already nicely sleeping in her room. The noise woke me up and I had to go out and check what was going on. After that, I couldn't fall back to sleep. I tossed and turned for more than 2 hours on my bed. So I had a pounding headache the next day at work. My husband told me not to go to work but I still went ahead because I had a talk to attend and my boss won't be around that day. I had to standby in the office as her assistant la. I really couldn't take it anymore come noon with the pounding headache and blocked nose. So I asked permission to leave early that day.

But being a mummy, I still had to get the bedsheets from Aussino since they're having Mid Year Sales at good bargains. I got it also because for Eliza's new bed. Her bedroom is furnished now with a white single bed that comes with a pull out trundle and a cupboard. So the mattresses needs bedsheet since I don't have single bedsheet already for years. LOL. Moreover, my little princess was getting excited exclaiming everyday, "Iyer, Elizabeth's new bed..wow...nice er." "Elizabeth's new cupboard..so nice." So I thought I had to get the sheets and let her sleep on it by that weekend and before the new baby comes.

So when I reached home I fell flat on the bed and slept until it was time to pick Eliza up from the babysitter. That's when I knew I had to see the doctor again because my eyes were all sticky and I felt like a gremlin. I went to see the mirror and was shocked that my eyes were all red and sticky with some yellowish pus. So I went to see the doctor and he said I need to be on antibiotics since my flu never recovered for so long and it has become a bacterial infection. So he thinks it has infected my eyes. He tested whether I had fever or not incase I have H1N1. Hahah. Over protective Eliza thought he was going to do something to my ear, she let out a short "ahh!" to show her disapproval. LOL.

It didn't get better the next day. I still went to Gymboree with Eliza where there's air condition. I didn't go in but I waited at the waiting area. Don't want to scare the teachers and the children with my very red eyes. I was already getting so impatient to leave when the classes ended. Went back and had a long nap. That night, Eliza got to try out her new bed with the new sheets. She likes it although she still wants me to sleep on the mattress with her. But as soon as she fell asleep, I left the room and my husband has to sleep on the trundle to accompany her. The next morning she woke up first but saw her father and cried asking for me. LOL. I had to rush in the room as soon as I can. And then the crying stops.

The flu was slightly better on Sunday. Didn't go to anywhere except send my car for repair. Rested at home but still decided not to work the next day. I really wanted to get better. My eyes were not so red already. Oh ya, when we went to see doctor on Friday, my eyes was really watery and red. So Eliza said to me, " See doctor don't cry ah?" LOL. My sister in-law went back to hometown that weekend and it was like pure heaven to me. Without her I finally can feel like I have freedom and privacy again. But she came back on Sunday night so everything was back to normal...The dinner she brought back home that my MIL prepared didn't lighten me up even.

As planned, I didn't go to work on Monday. I sent Eliza to the babysitter so that I could have a good rest at home. I slept like 4 times that day. LOL. But still managed to do some housework like doing the laundry and mopping the floor. Hehe. But still the rest was much needed and it really helped a lot I guess. I felt much better. Today I come to work without having both nose block, I could breathe while eating and I didn't feel like dying. LOL. Thank God.

Yesterday Eliza fell down the bed and onto the floor. Poor thing. My husband slept quite roughly until he left a gap between the trundle and the bed. She got a shocked and cried for me. So I had to come in the room and accompany her until she sleeps before I return back to my room. My husband didn't want me sleeping on the trundle. More uncomfortable for me as a pregnant woman.

So I must get well before Joseph comes. I must, I must! 16 more days to go!

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