Friday, May 30, 2008

No one told me...

No one told me...

1. breastfeeding is like going for a battle. You have to psyched yourself up. Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Study the weapons, learn the strategies and above all must be confident and courageous. Sounds like a tough job right? Well, it definitely wasn't easy for me.

2. that I would regret starting the pacifier on Eliza for I sure don't know how to stop her now. LOL. Before I put her to bed and she sees me taking the pacifier, she'll laugh happily. Once the pacifier is in her mouth, she becomes a happy camper.

3. I would change into a patient mother even though my baby cry for hours on end. And treat those cries as if she was singing. (However, after 18 months of motherhood, once in a blue moon the streak of impatientness comes creeping back on me)

4. interrupted sleep is like having no sleep at all. You find yourself nodding your head while driving on the way to work and back. When can I have my peaceful sleep again?

5. I would wake up even of the slightest sound coming from the baby cot. I used to sleep like a log. No fire or tornado can stir me from my sleep. I used to also sleep with a pillow covering my ear. Now, I have to get used to just hugging it to sleep. Sob, sob.

6. I will have the urge to strangle my husband when he asked me in the morning, "Did the baby wake up to drink milk in the middle of the night?" even though the baby cried like she could bring down the house before I stuffed her mouth with the feeding bottle.

7. how cranky a baby can be when she is sick. And how I can manage to wake up every half an hour just to check her temperature and diligently sponge her body.

8. that a baby can tell lies. This shows that the saying, "a child tells no lie" is not true. It's astounding how an 18 months old baby can say, "mm mm" (which means she wants to pooh) while pointing to her butt and I rushed to carry her out of the cot only to find out that there's no pooh in her diapers. She ran off squeling in delight and then only it dawned on me that I was being tricked by a cunning baby who only wanted to be released from her "cell".

9. I will miss my baby more than my husband now. Poor husband. But I think he miss Eliza more than me also. Tit for tat.

10. it is ALL WORTH IT.


  1. Wow, so touching, especially the last sentence.

  2. on point no.6, feel free to let me help you to strangle your husband :)

  3. hahaha. ok wai kit feel free do strangle him :) You have a blog too?



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