Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Listen or talk?

You know I used to talk a lot more than listening. But as I'm not as confident as I used to be before. I realized that I'm listening more than talking.

One of my colleague really liked people listening to him. So much so that when we purposely make as if we're not interested, he politely excuse himself and make a move. Isn't that weird? Why must we always listen to you? He should learn to listen to us also right? Sigh.

Then I have another colleague who listen as much as he talks. This sounds fine. But what if he passed everything he listened to nearly everyone he bumps into or deliberately bumped into. I mean, I love him as a dear friend and colleague but sometimes he really cross the line. I told him something and made him promise not to tell even though I know he has a history of being the gossip king. He was having a tiff with his own boss. So when he heard that his boss said something bad about my boss, he used it as a ticket to destruction. His big mouth couldn't be controlled and he excitedly told my boss about it. Of course my boss was not too happy about it and it created a nasty situation between the two bosses. There were some heated argument that ensued. I found out that he was the one who let the cat out of the bag. I was so disappointed and angry with him. I confronted him and he admitted but something was disturbing me. There was not even an apology and not even a look of remorse on his face! After analyzing, I think he won't stop spreading anything he listens. I will try to remember not to tell him secrets anymore.

So if a person listens as much as he or she talks, it is not always a good thing. It is tempting to spread a rumour or secret. I am also guilty for letting words slip out of my mouth also sometimes. A promise is a promise. So if I'm made to promise I will try to keep it to myself. And a lesson learnt, not to spread to untrustworthy people. Otherwise, if I'm not made to promise. I will probably spread it like wild fire..;)


  1. Is that D****?? lol Kepo King ah him? lol Men are worse Kepo-ers than women most of the time :P lol

  2. oh it's not D idiot. I'm not on speaking terms with him anymore. Can't remember even the last time I spoke to him. This is another colleague of mine.

    And yeah women will be surprised that men r the worst kepo-ers than women most of the time!

  3. I'm also guilty of that ler. But sometimes its the 'moment' and you feel that the situation requires you to tell something. Sometimes when I promise not to tell, I also break my promise. So, its very bad. Something I must work on. So we sama sama gan batte!

  4. Yeah it's something everyone must work on. But at least we don't do it as much as this person I guess. And we would show some guilt if we were caught red handed right? I'm just apalled at this person coz this was not the first time he was caught n scolded.

  5. Women at least learn mah from our mistakes! Men? humph, no comment! Have to drill in their heads soo many times before they learn their lesson!
    Wah, your place got soo many Kepo Men!

    I haven't had the chance to spill secrets out to others....lately lol. But, I do agree, with sunsetrose, if there's some danger or something legal or what, if the situation requires as she said, I would tell.

  6. Muahahahha... may i take a guess? Colleague 1 starts with the letter B, colleague 2 starts with the letter F. Kolek ah Lahling? Muahahahha... ** Everyday I would pray to god that I must always keep promises. Trying very2 hard...

  7. Haha..yes yes aloraz. You are so right. Very clever. You don't let colleague F know about my blog ah..hehe.

  8. Muahahahaha.... bingo! No prob lahling.. i never tell F also about this blog...



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