Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rude awakening

Previously I wanted to blog about my weekend in Sunway Lagoon (24 May 2008) but it seemed so long ago already. Anyway, just so you know, of course it was a fun day. My family came up from Malacca and I brought them to Sunway Lagoon. It's my nephews' first time there moreover I had 5 free adult tickets. So what the heck. Just go and splash some water! The children enjoyed themselves although my younger nephew embarrassed us. He cried when my sister wanted to take him on one ride. What a baby. Eliza braved the water without her float in the children's pool. So that's an improvement. Didn't take a lot of pictures though. It's troublesome to run to and fro when the camera is with my mom and she's not sitting near the pool. My camera is not water proof either. And finally, I went there thinking I will not go on any slides or rides but I ended up doing it. Thanks to my sis who wanted accompaniment. It's ok la..once in a while..some adrenaline rush should be good for the soul. LOL.

This has been a week of rude awakening. Last night, for the 2nd time, we were awoken by Eliza's screaming cries. It was really loud. I jumped from my bed and since I was still blur I didn't check the time at once but went straight to the kitchen to prepare her milk. Then only I realized it was not time for her feed yet. So I went back to her but it was too late. She was already throwing a tantrum at me. I coaxed her and gave her her pacifier but she pushed me away. I offerred to carry her and she turned away and kicked her legs vigorously. Nothing could calm her down. I tried to carry her but it was really difficult. I don't have the strength since she was resisting me. My husband had to carry her with force. She was rocking her body and kicking her legs. What a temper. She didn't want her father to carry her but she wanted me. So I carried her but her cries didn't stop. It seems like nothing can stop her cries. I don't know what was wrong. We can only think that she might have a nightmare. Tried giving her her pacifier, she cried even louder. Tried feeding her and she cried even louder too. Paced the floor and still she's crying. She stopped when she was tired and then continue again. Really hard to handle this little missy. Finally I told her let's lie down together. My arms still hugging her and her head lying down on my arm. Suddenly she started talking while pointing her fingers to the ceiling. Telling me grandmother stories. Suddenly she's all hunky dory again. Since I didn't want to waste the milk, I might as well feed her and she finished it. I put her down in her bed and finally return to my dreamland again.

I've been feeling down also lately. It might be pms also but my boss is leaving for greener pastures. We are all going to miss her. After all she's a good boss despite some flaws. Nobody's perfect. We don't know who is going to take over. Some names were already mentioned which doesn't seem appealing to us. It's like we're left in the lurch. What will our future be? My long awaited promotion also seems even further away. It's not that I'm boasting about my capabilities but I think I deserve a promotion after my long serving here in this company. It's not all about the promotion but rather my salary has reached a dead end. Am I going to stick with this salary until I retire? I really do hope not.

Hope you guys have a good week ahead. I'm knocking off from work now. Going home to my lil' dahling and resume my mother duties. Adios.


  1. Wow, its really not easy being a mum huh? Really salute you for your patience. I will be praying for your career. Don't think too much ok?

  2. You think I'm that patient? Sometimes I lose my cool too. Thank you for your prayers. ;)



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