Thursday, November 22, 2012

Singapore Day 4

Day 4 was also our last day spent in Singapore. We went to Singapore Zoo as it is close to Woodlands where my best friend stays. Singapore Zoo is also close to Singapore customs. So it's all on the way home to Malaysia.

The children started the day with a soak in the bath tub. LOL. Thank you, Kasie! It's their first time in a big bath tub so they are a bit excited and enjoyed the soak very much. :D

Enjoying themselves in the bath tub.
Moving on to Singapore Zoo. There's a lot of packages or combo as they call it for their admission fee. It depends whether you want to go on their tram ride or add on a boat ride too. Or you might just be comfortable walking around with that you just pay to enter. We chose the admission plus tram ride in the end. The zoo is quite big and you must obtain the map so it's easier to guide your way around. Taking the tram is also a wise decision especially for those who are traveling with senior citizens or young kids. You can hope on and hop off anytime. We hired the wagon for $15 also for the kids incase they get tired easily. The kids enjoyed it because it's something new to them.

Singapore Zoo opens at 8.30am. We were there late at about 10.30am and as a result we missed one of their Splash Safari show. :( So plan your trip well and go there early is best. Food is not a problem at the zoo too. Plenty of eateries there and we dined at KFC. There's two KFC in the zoo! I was so tempted to try Ben & Jerry's ice cream but because it was raining, I have to refrain myself. LOL.

One of their star attraction is the Rainforest Kidzworld. It's a good idea, like an area tailored for kids. My kids went on the pony ride, carousel ride and horse carriage ride there. There's many activities there. You can even go for water play but since we couldn't spend the whole day there, we didn't allow the kids to swim much to their dismay. The weather was also threatening and it rained a few times when we're there. By the way, the extra rides at this area are extra charges and not counted into the admission ticket.

We were able to catch two shows and that was the Animal Friends Show and Rainforest Fights Back Show. Oh and one more new experience was the Elephant Ride. It was my very first time and boy was I excited and scared at the same time. $8 for adult and $4 for child. Just imagine all four of us on the elephant (my mum didn't want to sit). We got to touch the elephant too and the kids were surprised to feel the elephant's skin.

When the Animal Friends show started, my kids were invited to come out and dance with the hosts. Joseph was a bit lost in the first picture and nearly walked to the back stage. I think he can't wait to see the animals. Haha.
This is a short video of them prancing around with the show's hosts.

There's rats, cats and dogs at the Animal Friends Show.

Kids participation at the Animal Friends Show. After the show ended, the kids were allowed to come down and pat the dogs.

Pony ride at the Rainforest Kidzworld. Joseph was all smiles on this ride.

Now it's Elizabeth's turn on the pony.
On the Horse Carriage Ride, Wild Animal Carousel Ride and Tram Ride.

That's a cheetah at the first picture. Children having a pic with their favourite 'Madagascar' animals the zebra and the giraffe.

Next mission was to find 'Alex the lion' says Elizabeth. The kids with the elephant after the elephant ride. And the last photo was the white tiger.
A very short clip of the Rainforest Fights Back Show. It was to show that the Orang Utan can manage to break open a coconut just with his bare hands but a human can't do that. But too bad I only caught it after the coconut has been broken.

The last animal we saw was the white tiger that my hubby was so eager to see and then it poured heavily and we were forced to leave the zoo as it was getting late and we didn't want to be home in Melaka so late. We didn't get to finish the whole zoo. So be there early and you can spend the whole day there to finish the whole zoo. Oh well, there's always next time. Singapore Zoo: World's Best Rainforest Zoo. I think it really lives up to that standard. Worth a visit.

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  1. I read reviews that Singapore zoo is very nice and much better than Malaysia zoo. It's a place that is not to be missed when visiting that country :)

    You kids were having a blast in the bath tub and enjoyed themselves with the animals!

  2. I hope I can visit the Spore zoo one day. Heard so many good reviews!

  3. Singapore zoo is one of the best one in the world, I reckon that. Nice holiday in Singpore for you and your family.

  4. I bet the Singapore Zoo is great compared to Malaysia's one

  5. sing zoo looks more pleasant and offers more rides than msia ones :D

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  6. woah... so nice! I think I would enjoy the pony ride! so fun!!



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