Monday, November 5, 2012

Singapore Day 1

What do you when you win two adult tickets to Universal Studios Singapore? You start planning for a trip to Singapore. Woo hoo! I won it from a Maybank contest during the Barbie event just so you know. We decided to drive to Singapore and we found that it was not a hassle to drive there. Just drive through the booths at the Singapore Customs and get your passport stamped. Then proceed along the red lane to park your car and get the autopass card. This autopass card is a must to be used at ERPs or even car parks. It costs $10 with $6 for deposit and store-in value of $4 which is not enough. So be sure to top it up at the nearest 7-11 shop that you can find. Otherwise there'll be a penalty of $10 when you leave Singapore if there's no sufficient amount left on the card.

My best friend lives in Singapore. So we're very fortunate to stay at her place. It's an excuse for me to meet her and spend some precious, quality time with her. Not only we save a bit money on lodging but we get a feel of living a Singaporean life in her home and also learn the ways of travelling by MRT and bus from her home to our destination and back to her home. Daily parking at her apartment as a visitor is not free though. Nothing is free in this world eh? LOL.

After we have somewhat settled down and load down our luggages, the first place we went was to ION Orchard, a shopping and lifestyle mall. Although we didn't plan to buy anything in Singapore, a Singapore trip wouldn't be complete if we didn't visit any shopping malls eh? But after I came and conquered the place that I realised there isn't much difference in their shopping malls with the shopping malls in KL. Their prices sounded cheaper though if you don't do the conversion. LOL. Daiso there is always $2. Jealous? LOL. No photos on ION Orchard though. If you are interested to visit ION Orchard, you can get on the MRT and alight at Orchard MRT Station.

Elizabeth developed a sudden expertise in posing for the camera. :D
After dinner at Chinatown, we went for a 'Singapore River Experience' on the Singapore River Cruise. They have many ticket booths but the one we bought from was near the famous Fullerton Hotel. Adult tickets for $18 and child tickets for $10. The cruise takes 40 minutes and we get to see the night view of Singapore's prominent places like the Merlion, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay Sands. Quite a nice experience and I think a must for first-timers to Singapore.

This must be Anderson bridge according to the map. Wah, Singapore also got Maybank! :D
The Merlion, symbol of Singapore, at night.
Singapore's skyline with my lousy camera. Haha.
Singapore Flyer looks like this from my boat.
The Esplanade (the two durians) ^_^
Marina Bay Sands

As you can see, The Fullerton Hotel. So magnificent isn't it?
Clarke Quay, a lot of night life going on.

Clarke Quay again.

This must be Boat Quay. You can see a lot of people dining.
If you want a daytime experience, you can take the boat during the daytime too. Both gives a nice view depending on which you prefer. That sums out our first day in Singapore.


  1. Nice holiday that you had in Singapore. Can't wait to read all your days there .

  2. Pretty goodnight shots. :) I've not been to Singapore for more than a decade! So it's nice to read about it via your blog. Waiting for d universal post! :)

  3. wow. u are a lucky winner!! Looking forward to the universal studio post! :)

  4. simply awesome! we haven't stepped foot into spore for more than 20 years :( time to go huh? hmm..i heard that during sales which is every month, the items are a lot cheaper than in Msia..even after conversion. i must go during the sales period....hehehe



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