Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little Bird Told Me

...that Elizabeth misses Singapore. Why? Check out her drawing.

Fresh from our Singapore trip, Elizabeth drew a picture and I was pretty impressed with it. She must be in the mood because she doesn't draw everyday. Usually her drawings are very basic and simple like stickman, people, bird, house or building. She drew birds also but this time a more complex one which took me by surprise.

Elizabeth proudly showing her drawing.

Before and after. So eager to use the new set of magic pens I got for her. The upper colourful bird is a parrot she said.

Very colourful drawing. Bird inspired from Singapore Zoo I think. Can you spot her 'Singapore train' (MRT)? She calls it 'Singapore train'. Haha. What a colourful train.
Can't wait to see what other drawings she'll come up with next time.


  1. isnt it amazing how much kids pick up during holidays and field trips. They observe, and the express it in beautiful drawings. :) Well done Elizabeth. :) Love the colourful train too! :)

  2. Elizabeth took her time and effort to express herself in so many colors, on her drawing.

    Yes, she missed Singapore and it's time to schedule for the next one :)



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