Monday, November 12, 2012

Singapore Day 2

Continuation from my first day in Singapore, this is my account on my second day in Singapore.  This is the day we spent our whole day in Universal Studios Singapore (USS). With already the two free adult tickets I won, I only need to buy a senior ticket for my mum and a child ticket for Elizabeth. Joseph entered free! Child tickets only starts from 4 years old to 12 years old. So I already purchased the tickets in advanced online. That way, I don't have to queue twice for tickets and another time to enter.

The famous spot to take photos and tell everyone that we were at USS and have conquered the place.
It was a Monday when we entered USS but I was surprised to see the crowd! I thought it would be fine during the weekday but I guess my expectation was wrong. Maybe it would be better if we went on a Tuesday. Anyway, too late for regrets. One advice though, if you're going to USS with children, be sure to wake up early because you need time to travel there and you want to be there at the opening hour. So you can have your money's worth and ride as many rides your want there. You have to consider the time consumed in queing for a ride. The time queing is even longer than the ride itself!

The first thing we did as soon as we entered USS was to rent a stroller. Single stroller for $10. It came in handy as my prince was unwell that day. So at least we had the stroller for him to rest when he was feeling tired or cranky. Don't forget also to get the map of USS as soon as you enter. It serves as a good guide and you can plan ahead.

Marilyn Monroe and Woody Woodpecker was there to greet us near the entrance at 'The Walk of Fame', Hollywood Street. But we were already late so we didn't stop by to have pictures with them thinking we could do it later. Our first stop was at 'Madagascar' and we took the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride. It was the first ride so the kids were pretty excited. Moreover Elizabeth can see her favourite characters from Madagascar movie. This ride is suitable for young children.

The children getting excited to go on the ride. The ride is on water. Elizabeth so happy to see her favourite Madagascar characters moving and talking.

Carousel will always be a hit with the children. That's why we had to go on King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round just for their sake. There was also Madagascar Boogie, a street entertainment. So everyone can 'move it, move it'! Our tummys were growling already so we had our lunch at Marty's Casa Del Wild. There's a few set lunches for you to choose.

Didn't get a good shot of the street entertainment. Too many people blocking my view.
Then we're off to a land Far Far Away. The first thing we saw was the long queue for Enchanted Airways. It's a good thing my children were not into roller coasters otherwise I would be turning green from riding it. Although it is just a junior roller coaster, I'm really not keen. Age has something to do with my level of interest I guess. LOL. And of course, the Far Far Away castle is a crowd puller as well. Many people wanted to take a picture in front of the castle including yours truly. I was thrilled to enter the Shrek 4-D Adventure but had to pull out halfway through because my children got frightened especially my daughter who begged us to take her out. The poor girl thought there were real spiders crawling up her feet and that's exactly why you should go for this because it's so real! If it weren't for my children, I would've sat all the way through. A must-go! If you are bringing young children, you may opt for the stationary seats but you can still 'feel' the action. Trust me!

Elizabeth was drawn to the Magic Potion Spin, a mini ferris wheel for children. Thank goodness something to divert her attention. Otherwise, I don't know what would've calmed her down from all the action. She even sat twice on this ferris wheel.

In front of the Far Far Away Castle. Elizabeth doesn't know what she's getting into. :D

One last shot before leaving Far Far Away land.
Next we went to The Lost World. By then, Joseph fell asleep in the stroller, so he did not ride Dino-Soarin'. It's a kiddie ride and it's quite common in theme parks. There's one similar to this in Genting themepark and Sunway Lagoon too.

I only have this pic for Dino -Sourin'. Totally forgotten to take an overall photo. LOL.
We wanted to go for the WaterWorld show but they were on their break so we headed over to Ancient Egypt first to be Treasure Hunters. No, we did not go for Revenge of the Mummy if you wanted to know. LOL. The entrance to it is enough to scare me away. After what I've heard about's not for the faint hearted. But for you thrill seekers out there, I would say go for it!

Treasure Hunters. The little one thinks he's controlling the car. Such concentration until he didn't bother to turn and smile for the camera!

The magnificent and eerie at the same time entrance to Revenge of the Mummy. Feels like I'm in Egypt right? Hehe.
We headed back to The Lost World because the WaterWorld show was going to commence soon and we didn't want to miss it for sure. Definitely well worth it and it was good that we didn't miss this show. It's based on the movie WaterWorld starring Kevin Costner. The set itself was impressive not forgetting the death-defying stunts, explosions and water splashes at this 'live' show. My mum enjoyed it but she didn't want to get wet so we had the option to choose the higher seats. There were indications to the seats where we were warned before hand that we will get wet during the show if we chose those seats. So if you're prepared to get wet, do remember to bring extra clothes or ponchos are available at their stores.

Posing before the show starts. Elizabeth reconfirmed with me many times that the seats we chose are the correct one. She was so afraid to get wet! Haha.

This is why you will get wet if you chose the 'wet' seats. And the actors are so expert and professional that their aims are always so accurate!

Joseph so interested in the show that he didn't want to sit down. Boys will be boys. They like action shows.

A last shot before leaving The Lost World. Check out that pose!
After the show, we went on to Sci-Fi City and it really looks very techy there. If there's such a word! Maybe it's because of the double roller coaster there. Our mission in this city was actually to go for the Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. Yep, you heard it right. I braved myself for this ride because I knew it wasn't a roller coaster. I dragged my husband in since he's a Transformer fan and we used the Universal Express pass here. So that the children and my mum won't have to wait for long. The ride was so good that I felt like I was on a roller coaster! LOL. The effects were good and you can 'feel' the action too like water spraying or the heat from a fire. If it wasn't because my hubby felt quesy after ride, I might have gone in for a second round. Too bad I couldn't take any picture during the ride.

It was time for us to call it a day and it was closing to dinner time too. So the last stop was at New York street where we bought some souvenirs and took photos with Bert from Sesame Street and Kungfu Panda! So we left with beautiful memories of USS and might return someday when the children are bigger. ;)

Bert from Sesame Street! I think Joseph was scared.

A family pic with Kungfu Panda and we're out!


  1. wahhh..having so much fun. I didn't really enjoy the previous trip due to the massive crowd and scorching hot sun.

  2. madagascar!! :D i wanna meet my favourite Alex there!

    Latest: J for Japanese

  3. WOW oh wow!!! Now this post is tempting me to make a trip to Singapore! much fun. However, i shall also stay away from roller coasters, and I agree that age has something to do with it! haha.. Great post and great info! thanks! :)

  4. much fun! if ashley sees this, she'll want to go too. we were just talking about USS the other day and plan to go maybe next year. hubs and i have gone to the US in florida but ashley has not :P are there many rides that the children can take cos i hear there are height restrictions. hey, i spotted a cotton on top there ....heheheh



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