Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Day Of Fun For Lil' Dahling Part 2

Last Sunday, Joseph fell down from an office chair with wheels at home and accidentally bit his lips and it bled. It all happened in a flash when I had my hands busy. I just bathed for Elizabeth and was retrieving her clothes from the drawers for her to put on by herself. Joseph took the chance to start his mischief despite me reminding him many times to be careful and don't climb here and there. And suddenly it happened. It was funny how Elizabeth freaked out and didn't want to witness the 'blood fest', she ran into the kitchen and hid there so long I thought she was gonna camp there throughout the day. She's such a scaredy cat! I couldn't do anything much except stop the bleeding and carress him because it was on the lip and I can't rub any ointment, lotion or cream on his lip. He might lick it and swallow it. So we could only witness how his wound grew bigger, redder and the pus appeared.

So the next day, I was on leave because the babysitter was on leave to go back her hometown for 'Cheng beng' (the day where the Chinese Buddist visit the graves of their loved ones to pay respect). Since Elizabeth had her usual kindy class that day till half day, I seized the opportunity to have a day (almost, half day as a matter of fact) of fun for the other lil' dahling (Joseph) to make him feel better. I rarely get quality time just Joseph and me so I want to take full advantage of it.

I took off early to Bangsar Village. He was a little puzzled at first because he doesn't know what plans I've in store for him. We were quite early so there were ample parking space still. We went straight up to Kizsports & Gym. I wanted to let Joseph play in their Playland. He couldn't wait to go in and was just so ecstatic to be there playing exclaiming, "Fun!"  quite often. The fun didn't end until about 12 noon when I had to coaxed him to leave the Playland. He didn't want to until I told him that his Jie Jie will be waiting for us sadly.

His lips are already better today. Thank God! I guess kids' wounds tend to heal much faster than ours. So I hope he can have his beautiful, sexy lips back soon. LOL.

Start with the area for kids below 2 years of age first.

Then slowly progress to the area for bigger kids.

Balls! Balls! Balls! He is really in love with them. He took me by surprise by sliding down that slide down into a pool of balls. The balls must be the motivation. ;)

Always on the move.

He shouted, "Castle!" and I was impressed.

Joseph explored this whole area and I'm a proud mummy. So brave my boy! His sister might contemplate a few times before trying, I'm sure.


  1. Oooo how much is it to go to one? Looks fun! We brought Ben to the one at Ikano, it's not Kidzsport la of course but got slides like that

  2. Jenny, it's RM28 and you can play as long as you like. You can even leave the area for lunch and then come back to continue again as long as you still have the tag. :)

  3. He was enjoying himself to its fullest. A wonderful day for Joseph. Thank God that he was recovered real fast.

  4. Aiyo... goosebumps when I read about Joseph's lips.. glad everything is okay now :)

  5. Went to this Kidz Gym once and that was an invited event, so many years jor.....This type of play center never failed to bring fun for the kids.

  6. What a fun place. Glad that Joseph's lip are better.



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