Friday, April 20, 2012

Activity For Energetic Children

Got energetic toddler or preschooler? Do this.

Get your kids upside down in a fun game of "wheel barrel" where you lift up your child's feet and push him/her along as he/she walks on his hands. Good exercise for kids and ourselves too! Hehe. They liked it!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. hahahhahah...this is definitely a very fun game. i bet the kids had loads of fun.

  2. Look at them! Having so much fun! Will try this with my kids one day! :)

  3. wow only kids can do that. i wanna try that too :P

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  4. Hi Carolyn, ha ha, love this pics. Ya, very good idea.
    Kids get bored very fast, so must always come out with new games for them.
    I taught my sons fishing at a very early age. And learning Tae kwan do. That kept them occupied.
    Have fun, kids grow real fast.

  5. I think this is more of an activity for energetic parent. Only an energetic parent can do this! haha..

  6. Fun exercise to do. I don't have kids at home, can I borrow yours? :D

  7. I don't know how kids can 'walk' that way. I tried once, can't even lift my arms! I guess kids are 'stronger' in that sense.. :D

  8. u r such a cool mum ! Bet the kids enjoyed themselves.

    Btw, I have an award for you. Drop by my blog to grab it!

  9. yea....they like it. It's fun but got to be a bit careful

  10. Barbara: Yup they did!
    Germaine: Do try it!
    Fish: Can of course! You can try it too.
    Uncle Lee: I agree with you. Kids grow up real fast! Thanks for the tips. I cannot teach fishing coz I don't know it myself but I sure can send my son for taekwondo next time ;)
    Martha: I'm the energetic parent? LOL. actually not but I have no choice. hehe.
    Veronica: Sure, come and borrow my kids..anytime..:)
    Merryn: Yea, I also don't know how. I tried too. Can only 'walk' 2 steps. haha.
    mNhL: Thanks for the award. That reminds me I have to still do that post.
    Yee Ling: Yea have to be careful right. Thanks for reminding.



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