Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Mak Nenek Part 2

You would be surprised to know that the part 1 for The Mak Nenek that I blogged 3 years ago has the highest pageviews until today. I'm not sure why but you can view it here. Lets see whether this part 2 will have high pageviews also like the part 1.

Recently, the hubby went outstation for 3 days to attend a conference. So when he called to check in on us, the children wanted to have a chat with their papa too. These are two videos here (as if one is not enough) and hope you guys will enjoy it.


  1. My kids love to talk on the phone too. Every time when I was talking to my mum over the phone, the two busybody will shout for their turn.

  2. hahaha...they are so cute. guess they miss their papa :)

  3. Hahahah.. love it when your son started talking on the phone.. got stylo wan hahaha...



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