Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why Are Children So Persistent?

Why are children so persistent? Or is it just my children? LOL. When they want something, they seem to 'die-die' also must have it! Are we just weak parents now? Always seem to give in to their whims and fancies most of the time? Of course, I tried to be strict. I tried to set rules. But sometimes, you'll just get tired and say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! LOL.

Not all their whims and fancies are specifically bad ones, it's just that sometimes it's at an inappropriate time. Just like the times, when...

1. We were rushing to work and we were already at the door but Elizabeth insisted that she must finish reading her book first.

2. We were rushing to work again and Joseph demanded to wear his socks and shoes just like his papa although he is just going to the babysitter's house.

3. I arrived at the babysitter's house and saw that the children's eyes were glued to the idiot box then I announced that it's time to head home but they protested louder than a lion's roar.

4. I wanted to be done with my mopping as fast as I can because we had plans to go out but Elizabeth said she wants to be a handy helper and help me with the mopping.

5. I wanted to carry on with their bedtime routine but was stopped in my tracks and 'forced' to become a paparazzi to this celebrity.

6. We were travelling in the car and Elizabeth thought that it was too sunny, I had to give up my sunnies after much pestering.

7. Elizabeth wanted to copy nearly everything she saw on the telly and decided to camp in the house. Both children were hell bent in sleeping in the tent that night and I just waited to see how long it will last. Well, guess what? They gave up in the end. LOL.


  1. There were some similar situations like you kids happened in my kids too. The only different was I am a tiger mom and I never give in to them. If they didn't want to listen, I would leave home and start my car without them. They were terrified and promised not delay my time again. I am quite strict in my parenting.

  2. Haha!! You are not alone, Carolyn.

    My girl is as persistent and stubborn as donkey!!!

  3. they're cute :) kids have different thoughts, and they wish to try something they think it's good. but soon after they try it, they know it's not good and they wouldn't repeat the same anymore.

    Latest: The Healthy Bar

  4. I have one at home too...can it be the content of the milk poweder? LOL!!!

  5. kids....we can either be tiger mum, or give in. I give in when I want my own time. like "Mum, can I watch the TV?" "No!" I said...while reading a book. And they keep bugging me, when I want peace while reading, so I said "Ok, go switch on!" haha...and I gave up my sunnies to my girl ONCE too..just once. haha...

  6. ahh...tell me about it. sometimes we just give in because we don't want to hear all the whiny tantrums :P

  7. lol...weren't we all stubborn and persistent like them at one point of our childhood? hehehe

  8. Your girl is so helpful in helping u to mop the floor!

    Haha.... u r not alone. Both my kids are like that too. Stubborn!

  9. Sheoh Yan: I'm tiger mum too sometimes but sometimes they're not scared of me too. lol.

    Catheryn: Hi Five!

    Fishiee: Yeah, you are right. hehe

    Yee Ling: LOL. Maybe right? But you are lucky only got one like that at home.

    Martha: I'm like you too. Sometimes I'm tiger mum and sometimes i'm not when I want my own time or I just want to get over and done with it. No wonder the kids are confused. lol.

    Barbara: I know! Who can stand those whiny tantrums. I always tell them that they look ugly when they whine and ask them whether they want a mirror. :P

    missy: I'm in denial..and actually I don't remember whether I was once like that or not. :P

    mNhL: Yeah she has her moods. Not all the time lar. Glad to know I'm not alone..;)



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