Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jungle Trekking in Gasing Hill

Finally we did it. Finally we braved ourselves to go jungle trekking and we did it in Gasing Hill. I didn't actually plan for it but it just happened. I suggested it and suddenly my hubby was game for it. Just imagine I didn't even google up about the place and it's our first time there. So we didn't really know what to expect. We just heard about the place and knew about the location but we didn't know what it would be like. Whether it is a good place to hike for beginners or whether it's a appropriate place for toddlers to hike. We weren't fully equipped and prepared too. Just went in with some snacks for the children.

It was a good day to hike actually. It was not sunny but the weather was quite threatening as if it would rain heavily soon. When we arrive it was drizzling but not to worry. Walking under those trees, we can't feel whether it's drizzling anyway. The air was refreshing and although the weather was threatening, there were still people entering and exiting the jungle. I'm sure some of them are regulars there and some of them are first timers like us. The earlier paths were rather easy and level. The children could go through it with ease. They were so psyched up at the beginning thinking they were going to a 'jungle park'. Thanks to mummy who embedded that idea into their heads. They were so looking forward to 'jungle park'. Haha. Anyway, they were good sport.

Then the horror starts when we didn't know how to stop and didn't time ourselves. We went quite deep in and couldn't find our way out. We started to panic a little but still maintaining our cool because we didn't want the children to panic too. By that time, the paths are beginning to get tougher too. Once in a while, the children will cry when they fall or their hands touched the muddy ground. But I encouraged them and told them that it's ok and didn't want to dwell on the matter for too long. By the end of the journey, they were already so lethargic and started to get cranky. Fortunately, the snacks I took along managed to divert their attention a little bit and gave them a little bit more energy. The people in the jungle were getting less and when we finally managed to meet one, we quickly asked the way out. But guess what? That hiker came in from another way so she the direction she pointed led us to another totally different exit. We exited at a place near Kenny Hills or Pantai Hillpark, I think. We had to walk for a bit and stopped a taxi to bring us back to Gasing Hill.

It was really an experience for us first timers and we have learnt our lesson. It was a good beginning but an ending that went awry. I think the children forgot about the beginning but only remembered the ending that when I asked them whether they would like to go hiking again, they gave me a resounding NO. LOL. Nevertheless, I will never give up. Both hubby and I enjoyed the hike. I hope in time the children will start enjoying it too. Just that the 'lost' part gave us a bit of a panic and phobia. Still, the children deserve many praises and kisses for being such a sport and I considered them 'angels' already for first timers.

What we have learnt from this experience is to be fully prepared with equipment, snacks and water. And also to time ourselves not to get carried away. Since we are with small children, I think a 30 minute hike would be enough then we have to start turning back. It was good exercise though. The next time around, I wonder the word 'jungle park' will still make the children excited? Maybe I've to look for another word to entice them. LOL.

A picture of the entrance. This picture is not mine. I found it through another blog.

It's hard to get a clear picture while walking and I took the shots all from my mobile phone as I didn't bring my camera with me.

They were so brave at the beginning, walking on their own, following the leader..:)

My girl in walking in front. That says a lot coming from a very timid girl.

The paths were getting more tricky as you go in deeper.


  1. Wow! Respect! Brings back memories of my last few days before I gave birth to my girl, we had quite a lot of family outings and I felt so tired like how I see your pictures above kekeke...

  2. Wah, you really very adventurous and daring to think about this activity when your children are still so young. Kudos! Thank goodness you all managed to find your way out. Yes, I think your children did very well for their first hike. You must package this activity under another name when you want to get them to be agreeable to the activity again, haha. Either that or wait until they can't remember then ask again :)

  3. Hi Carolyn, love the great pics, incidentally where is this Gasing Hill? Pahang? Selangor? Or PJ?
    I can imagine you and family sweating it out in the humidity.
    I have had muy fair share of being in deep jungles with my logging contractors old days, still have scars on my legs from being eaten alive by pachats and lintahs.

    Its good to introduce this to the kids, as something different.
    You keep well, best regards.

  4. I heard my friend said their are a few tracks, some suitable for children. I bet nxt round, your anak will be more accommodate to the hiking, practice make perfect, lol!

  5. Interesting activity. I love that. I will plan a jungle trekking trip with my girls in near weekends. Healthy and fun outdoor time.

  6. I have only jungle tracking once when I was 15. I somehow afraid of jungle so never did it again. Doing anything with the family always fun and worthy.

  7. Wahhh....haven't get to experience jungle trekking. I am one lazy bump cos I always sleep late during weekend, so the next day i will tend to wake up late***yawn**

    P/s : you want to try some friso sample, but mine is for 3 yrs onwards one. if yes, u email me ur add ok. I can post to u.

  8. Sounds like a great, healthy and fun outing for the family :-). When we went for our first jungle track with the kids when they're younger, I agree that it's quite scary. Wait a little while, I'm sure your kids will love another experience :-)

  9. wow.. i never dare to bring ethan jungle trekking as i'm afraid of mozzies!

  10. :) your kids are so brave and energetic as i can see that the hills are really sloppy there

    Latest: Lovely Taste at 6

  11. woah.. carolyn... you manyak adventurous la!!

  12. Wow, you all are indeed very brave! Well done. I would be panicking if I was in your shoes :P

  13. Hello,
    whoa very nice place relay interesting..



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