Friday, February 10, 2012

CNY 2012

CNY passed in a flash and although it isn't the same as last year and a less merry one, there were enjoyable moments too. And I'm grateful for that. I'm sure my father will be smiling down upon us when he sees that we are happy too. So I'm going to squeeze everything in a post to recap on the happenings this CNY. 

CNY Day 1 - The children donned their new clothes. The girls had new dresses specially tailored by my MIL. The children had fun playing fully utilising every waking hour of the day! Joseph enjoyed sitting in a box.

CNY Day 2 - Hubby's mission accomplished and that is to take a family portrait before leaving his hometown, Seremban. My mission accomplished too because I managed to meet my best friend before she returns to Singapore.
CNY Day 3 - Discovered a bird's egg in a nest among the branches of my mum's plant. It looks so cute and fragile. Witnessed a lion dance in Mahkota Parade, a shopping mall in Malacca (my hometown).

CNY Day 4 - 'Loh sang' with my family. Can't get enough of the salmon! Yummy.

CNY Day 5 - The kids had an enjoyable time at the beach.

CNY Day 13 - It's 'Lap Chun', the first day of Spring in the Chinese lunar calendar. Seriously, it's the first time I've heard of the egg balancing thing on 'Lap Chun'. My babysitter invited us over to her house to let my kids have a look at those eggs. I joined in the fun and did the egg balancing act too. Ta da! I succeeded on my 2nd attempt. The egg most in front and the zoomed in picture of the egg is mine. Not bad eh? I can balance the egg on the sharper end instead of the flatter end. :D

CNY Day 14 - Potluck gathering with old friends. I'm in charge of bringing 'yee sang' however it's not in the picture. The children created quite a racket, playing and enjoying themselves to the max until Elizabeth didn't want to go home for she didn't want to be apart from her friend.

CNY Day 15 - Back to Seremban to celebrate 'Chap Goh Meh' and Han Yang's birthday. The four cousins so excited over the cake that my MIL baked. They were also excited over the candles and sang the birthday song loudly.  

That pretty much sums up my CNY. Hope yours was a good one.


  1. seriously i ve no idea about the egg standing

  2. You were surrounded with friends, relatives and family. Very good indeed.

  3. Seriously, I hv heard so much abt egg standing at lap chun but hv nvr witness any! WOW~!

  4. Nice! Looks like a fun CNY!

    I can't get those darn eggs to stand!!!

  5. Oh you've got your Chinese New Year blog post up. Good for you. Mine is still in my camera and in my head. Haha.

  6. Yee Ling: My first time seeing and doing too!

    Sheoh Yan: Thanks!

    Alice: No need to witness, try yourself!

    Jenny: I nearly wanted to give up also but suddenly it stood! So give it a try again.

    MG: Yeah the post is considered late already but I did it anyway before it becomes stale news. hehe

  7. Hi Carolyn, wow! Love the pics here, and you sure one traffic stopper attractive lady. Its pics like yours that brings back memories to me of our CNY days a country we left behind.
    Here it's quiet except for Chinese malls, otherwise like a normal day.

    Great looking parents you have.
    Incidentally you have Nyonya genes? And which part of Malacca you from?
    I was born in Heeren st, at a maternity home. And grew up till 12 at Limbongan, few hundred yards from that hotel called, 'Happy Land hotel.

    I still have lots of relatives in Malacca, Ujung Pasir, Tanjong, town itself. But I guess none will or can recognize me now, been away long time.

    You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.
    So happy you popped into my blog as I have no link to yours.

  8. Enjoyed all your CNY cheerful photos! I can make cork stand but not the eggs! OMG! sounds so x-rated but that is the only way to say it lah. LOL!

  9. Looks like a pretty busy CNY for you. Love the photos of Lap Chun with all the eggs..hehehhe. I heard that that eggs can stand all year round, not only on that day :)



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