Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taiping Day 3

I have done quite a number of road trips before but this is the first time I went to 3 different states all in one road trip! This is a record and I wonder what made us so gung-ho? Oh I guess it must be the hubby being a fillial son as he has never brought his parents on a holiday before. He was indeed very satisfied after the trip as if he has already fulfil his duty as a son. :P

Our next destination was Taiping. So after we checked out and had breakfast, we started our journey to Ipoh first for our lunch. We used the Simpang Pulai way to go down Cameron Highlands and made a few pit stop to do some last minute shopping and I got these...

Strawberry tea in tea bags form. As you can see it's RM 7.90.

'Teh Tarik Strawberi'. It's the 3 in 1 sachet form. This I gotta try because it was recommended by a friend and it was really good! RM 9.50 a box.  
We arrived in Ipoh at lunch time and ate at this famous restaurant called Foh San (GPS N 4 35.818 E 101 05.153). My mother in-law recommended this place because she has been there before and assured that the dim sum was nice. I'm a dim sum fan, so anything goes but indeed it was truly nice! Again, I didn't get to take every single thing that we ate. Heck my father in-law even had to pause for a while for me to take a picture before he could grab a 'char siew pau'. So I guess I better stop because I think he already thinks I'm a freak. :P

Egg tarts..yummy!

'Char Siew Pau' or steamed barbecue pork bun

Cheong Fun

Prawn dumpling.

I love siew mai the most and what's more this is the best I've ever tasted! I was pleasantly surprised, it was like heaven in my mouth and I wanted to get more but shy lar with my in-laws around.

Foh San Restaurant.

The entrance to the restaurant.
As usual the children are always very interested in any water feature anywhere even at this restaurant.
As if the lunch was not satisfying enough, we went to 'tapau' the famous salted chicken from Aun Kheng Lim (GPS N 4 35.685 E 101 05.009) for us to savour later after we reach our place of stay in Taiping.

I couldn't find an apartment in Taiping but stumbled upon Tan Homestay from the internet! So homestay it is and we were pleasantly surprised too. It's a fully furnished single storey bungalow with ample space and compound. The car porch can even fit two cars and there are 4 bedrooms. It's also 10 minutes away from Lake Garden. For only RM280 per night, we get more than what we bargain for.

The living room. Big isn't it? The children kept running around.

This is the room we chose. Complete with even a dressing table and towels.

The kitchen..feels like home. Haha.

Another room.

Another one of the back rooms. Forgot to take picture of the master bedroom.
After having our salted chicken and rested for a bit, it was time for us to go to Taiping's Lake Garden (GPS N 4 51.079 E 100 44.817). Elizabeth and I sat the swan boat but decided not to let Joseph on the swan boat yet because we felt that he's still too young. He's active and stubborn, might not listen to us while we are busy peddling the swan boat. Luckily he did not mind being left out. Elizabeth had so much fun.

The Swan Boat at Lake Garden.

Snap a picture first before I start peddling. Phew!

The view from the Swan Boat taken with my handphone camera. Not bad eh?

Another view with other swan boats!

Lake Garden with Maxwell Hill as the backdrop.

She's so happy to be at 'Taman Tasik Taiping'.

This cutie had many rides while I was busy peddling in the lake.

After the swan boat ride, she got her ride on those machines also. Look how happy she is.
We went to Taiping Zoo (GPS N 4 51.282 E 100 45.067) after that for the Night Safari. The Night Safari opens daily at 8PM. We wanted to have the night experience in a zoo. Once in the zoo, everyone hopped on the Mini Train for a tour around the zoo with a guide informing us over the speaker on every animal we encounter. I'm impressed with the size of the zoo and the animals they have. However, if I had the chance to go again I wouldn't choose the Night Safari again because I felt that the lightings were not many or bright enough and I can't really get to see the animals properly. I think I rather just stick to daytime zoo. Hehe. Nevertheless it was a bit exciting for the kids because of the anticipation in encountering animal after animal in the dark. LOL. Here are some pictures I took. You might be disappointed because most of my pictures didn't turn out well because of the darkness and distance. So I only have a few to share. Up next is Penang..till then!

On the Mini Train.

Happy kids (me included..:P)
I hope you can see the flamingoes scurrying away.

I find it quite unusual to find zebras, a cow and an ostrich all in one enclosure.

Can you see the elephant yonder there?


  1. love food! you makin me hungry! :)
    As for Taiping night safari, I t ried it once, and told myself NEVER again. Coz it was like some one said "look tehre's the bear." Everyone else replies "where? Where? where?" person replies "aia, gone already lar, you all so slow." hahaha..

  2. Where did you get that 3in1 strawberry teh tarik?! The last time I went up I searched every shop in Tanah Rata and couldn't find it. They all tell me got no such thing. My friend gave me a sachet to try once and it was really good!
    Eh, you go Taiping, saw Catheryn also never invite her for a ride in the pond ah?!

  3. We went to Foh San as well when we went to our Penang trip months ago. Love the food, PRICE and environment!

  4. Martha:'re right and funny la u. Yeah I was telling myself the same thing. Never again unless it's during daytime.

    Germaine: I think it was in Brinchang at this Kok Lian Strawberry Farm along the main road. You won't miss it. I bought all until they went out of stock. LOL.

    Yeah I saw Catheryn but erm I wasn't dead sure it was her. Takut I embarrass myself. Haha when I saw her I already finished my ride in the pond ler.

    Jenny: Nice right the food in Foh San? ERr..i don't know about the PRICE coz I was not the payer. LOL. expensive ah?

  5. You know what, my kids haven't taken those swan ride and I haven't tried Foh San. lol!

  6. It's ok Sheoh Yan, locals always 'tak heran' one. Just like me, I haven't been to some places in Mcca or tried some of the good food yet in Mcca..hehe..;)

  7. know what. When I had a road trip to Ipoh with my bestie , we have marked down Foh San as a place for us to stop for dim sum. We woke up as early as 6.30am to ensure we get a seat...When i thought back, it sounded crazy after all the dim sum is nothing much to shout about...ehhehehe

  8. Wah I really salivating over all your food pics lerr. I'm also a HUGE dim sum fan although I should cut down on my food intake coz someone I haven't met for quite some time mentioned that I have put on some weight...waaaaaa..but heck care! Eli is really very photogenic and I really love to see her pics. My favourite is the one where she is introducing the lake, before (or after?) her boat ride :) More pics of her please :D

  9. Yee Ling: Hahah. really? For me, it was ok also only the siu mai lar it's really good for me. The price is also more reasonable than in KL right?

    sunsetrose: yay! got kaki for dim sum already! Glad that you liked Eli's pics.okok i will put more of her pics. hehe.

  10. Carolyn,
    After reading this post and looking at the pictures, I remember now that I did saw you at the boating station too!:) Next time, we MUST say hello and if you were to be in Tpg again, let me know. I can show you to many makan places :)

    I have not even been to the night safari myself!

  11. Catheryn, haha now you remembered huh? Yes, next time we must say hello..:)

    oh goodie, I will let you know if I go Taiping again. Then can eat good food.



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