Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Day in Penang - Day 6

You must be thinking, "It's still not over?" Well, I just thought of sharing the final hours before leaving Penang. :P After breakfast we went to Him Heang Sdn Bhd (GPS N 5 25.455 E 100 19.242) because I vowed to myself that I would never leave Penang without buying Tau Sar Peah (Tambun biscuits), those famous biscuits made of wheat flour, green bean, fried shallot, vegetable oil and salt. It's my all-time favourite so you know what to get for me next time you visit Penang ok? *wink wink*.

A box of 16 pieces of Tambun biscuits for RM 5.40.
We left Penang by Ferry this time just to let the kids have the experience. It was the right decision because they did had fun and enjoyed being on the ferry. So that's about it all about my road trip. Hope you all enjoyed reading it..:)

Waiting for the vehicles to leave the Ferry before we can enter.

Now it's our turn to board the Ferry.

Spotted Star Cruise while queing up to board the Ferry.

Whoa! Almost there!

And we're on the Ferry. We're still in the car.

Now we're all out of the car. Another ferry coming back to the island.

Penang bridge looked so small and far away.

Trying to take a pic with a struggling child.

A cargo ship.

Enjoying the experience.

The vehicles on the ferry. We're the only ones out of our cars. Those people must've been on the ferry most days of their life. :P

Goodbye Penang Island. That tall building must be KOMTAR.

Beautiful day.


  1. The last time I went there, we have to wait for the long queue. Not sure if you experince the same too.

  2. Wah so nice, can try the ferry! You know, I only found out Ben likes eating the tambun biscuit when I went visit Catheryn before I gave birth, just a playdate for Ben and Catheryn's daughter la.

    Catheryn gave me some tambun biscuits which I initially said don't want, nobody eats... end up she forced me to take home.... Whoa... my son wallops the tambun biscuits at home so fast!

  3. Love the ferry ride! We used to take the ferry a lot when we were young but since the bridge was built, very seldom. But we did take our son for the ferry ride once - it brought back wonderful memories for me!

  4. Very comprehensive series of posts you have got there Carolyn!! And I enjoyed reading them all :)

    Tambun biscuits are the best and I love the ones in blue wrappings the most. A tad saltier than the one in boxes you bought. If you didnt get to try that this time, must try next time!

    Wah, Jenny, lucky I force you to bring home some. If not, Ben will have to wait till your next Penang trip to taste this goodies;)

  5. wah...sure or not that this is the last? what bout the return trip? LOL.. I remember the excitement when my kids boarded their first ferry too! :)

  6. Yee Ling: We didn't have to wait long. The queue wasn't that long. Maybe it's the time because it was mid morning.

    Jenny: Ben likes tambun biscuits? Just like my Joseph. LOL. Maybe it's a boy thing. So another reason for you to get them when you visit Penang!

    Germaine: Next time you can use the Ferry again so that your daughter can have the experience..:)

    Catheryn: Wah..thank you thank you. Ok I will remember to get the ones in blue wrappings next time! Thanks for the tips.

    Martha: hahahahah..return trip ah? Hmmm...don't know when again lar. LOL.

  7. I can't remember when I had a ferry ride. Glad you are all home safely after spending a wonderful holiday. Another fond memory deposited down memory lane!



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