Friday, October 14, 2011

Penang Day 4

Yesterday I forgot to mention about this big hawker style food court in Taiping. It's quite near to the Lake Garden and a Flemington hotel there. It's the only food court there so you can't miss it. I forgot the name and forgot to take pictures but the 'ikan bakar' and fried 'lala' was nice. 

Still in Taiping on Day 4, we went to Taiping Equine Park (GPS N 4 51.399 E 100 45.181) in the morning after our breakfast. You can ride a horse there for RM 10 and they'll bring you around for 2 laps in the arena. All the children went on a ride except Joseph and they enjoyed it! Elizabeth kept talking about how the horse moved and made her body go up and down. LOL.

Elizabeth all set to ride the horse .

And she's off!

She looked so tiny on the horse.

Another white horse horsing around. LOL.

2 laps for RM10. She was so happy to get a ride on the horse.
After the ride, then it's off to Penang. We took about 1 hour plus to reach Penang. Since it's not lunch time yet, we went to Kek Lok Si Temple our first stop (GPS N 5 23.993 E 100 16.406). Although this is not my first visit there, I discovered there are many changes at the temple since my last visit. Kek Lok Si Temple is a like a prominent landmark in Penang and your visit is not complete if you don't leave your footprint there. Anyway, I didn't take a lot of pictures because it was raining when we arrived there and my hands were occupied with an umbrella and a toddler. We did the direct opposite thing most tourist do because my hubby drove all the way up to the towering statue of Kuan Yin. Then we went downhill using the inclined lift to other parts of the temple, passed the Liberation Pond filled with turtles and finally descending the stairway along those well known shops selling souvenirs who have been there for years!

We went out of the temple looking for food nearby as it was already lunch time and our stomachs were growling. We settled for a hawker centre nearby and tried their asam laksa and fried kuay teow. Not really worth mentioning because it's not the best in town.

Entering Penang via the Penang bridge.

View of Kek Lok Si Temple as we were driving up to the towering statue of Kuan Yin.

A koi pond around the vicinity of the towering statue of Kuan Yin.

The kids as usual were drawn to the koi pond.

Took this pic while waiting for the inclined lift to take us down.
The lunch did not do justice and was not enough to fill our tummies so we went for cendol at the Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol (GPS N 5 25.031 E 100 19.835). It's on Penang Road just beside a coffee shop called Joo Hooi. I was so looking forward to it that I forgot to take a picture of the cendol itself. My apologies. I gobbled it up as soon as the bowl touched my hand! LOL. It was truly satisfying and thirst quenching. Slurp!

I only took this picture after I gobbled up the cendol. Sorry ya, glutton me.
We checked in Golden View Serviced Apartments (GPS N 5 26.702 E 100 18.341) after the cendol. This serviced apartments in quite near to Gurney and we selected the Deluxe three-bedroom apartments with living room, kitchenette, dining area and attached bathrooms all for RM 365 nett per night. I totally forgotten to take pictures of the modern apartment. However if you are interested you can view them over at Personally, I feel it's quite worth it. It's also spacious enough and has modern looking furnishings like a hotel. You can choose the view overlooking the sea too.

The next visit was at Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill. We deliberately chose to visit the hill in the late evening so that we will have the panaromic view of Penang at night. We took the new Penang Hill furnicular train service up the hill. It is even more new and modern than the train I took to Victoria's Peak in Hong Kong. LOL. Not bad lar. Malaysia boleh! The journey up didn't take long although there were a few stops to allow the train coming down to pass through. The train is also air-conditioned. Ticket prices are RM 8 for adults, RM 4 for children (7-12 years old) and RM 4 for senior citizens. They have family packages too.

Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill. The entrance and you can see the railway tracks behind.

Going in the furnicular train. Sorry for the blurry pic. I was pacing quickly into the train.

Elizabeth getting excited but her brother was asleep on his dad's shoulder. He didn't get his daily nap that's why he's so tired.

Took this pic at once after hopping off the train.

That man is not a model for my shoot. :P

The sky was still blue but getting darker.

Then it got darker but still a hint of blue. That cloud doesn't seem to move huh?

Now it's really dark. It would be perfect if there's a moon in sight. But still nice with the cool climate.
For dinner, we went to this hawker centre called Old Green House in Burma Road (GPS N 5 25.430 E 100 19.258). We wanted to have the famous food there but most stalls were not open that day. So we had their 'bak kut teh' and fried rice. Nice on the tummy though. The hubby said we shall be back tomorrow to Old Green House! LOL. Again apologize for taking the pics. Just trust my word of mouth ok? :P I tend to forget to take pictures of food before I eat them. It could be I'm a glutton, I forgot, I got lazy or I'm afraid of being labelled a FREAK by my in-laws. :P

Stay tuned for another day in Penang. Meanwhile here are two pics to end the post. Have a great weekend everyone!

Their pyjamas were nearly alike so I couldn't resist this photo taking opportunity. The cousins look so cute together. (Zi Yu and Joseph)

Then Elizabeth doesn't want to be left out too. So she took a pic with her cousin Han Yang. These two are inseparable.


  1. I think I know the Food Court you mentioned which near the Taiping Lake. I went there once and it was weekend. The place was so crowded that we wait to get a clean table....

  2. My girls also haven't tried the horse riding in my own hometown. I guess I also have to bring my girls there for some new experience, by the way, I also haven't been to the Night Safari. hahahah! You guys really have a awesome trip from Cameron, Ipoh, then Taiping and now Penang.

  3. Horse riding, how fun! Did you all get withdrawal symptoms or not after such a superb holiday?

  4. I love the food in Penang. Looks like it is an awesome road trip for you and your family! Precious moment!

  5. Very nice pics! Thanks for sharing. I like the one while u were waiting for the incline lift and also the changing hues of the sky. Of course my favourites were the pictures of your kids and their cousins. Han Yang has the makings to be a great looking guy when he grows up:)

  6. Hi, I sure love your well taken pics of Penang. I have always loved Penang...
    Your girl will never forget that horse ride....
    Maybe one day might come study in Canada and ride horses explore the wilds of Canada.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  7. Yee Ling: Are you from Taiping? Or you really travel a lot? hehe. I'm not sure whether it was crowded or not but we 'tapau'. So I guess it's better.

    Sheoh Yan: You must try the horse riding! Your girls will love it. I bet. coz my girl couldn't stop talking about it. Don't go the Night Safari la. Daytime is still better.

    Germaine: Go bring your kids next time for horse riding if you go Taiping ok? Yes, we had withdrawal symptoms and you won't believe that my husband was the worst hit. LOL.

    Quay Po: Yeah the food in Penang was awesome. Next time you share the good food from Penang in your blog ok?

    sunsetrose: Thanks! Wah must tell my sister in-law, I'm sure she's very happy to hear that.

    Uncle Lee: You travel to Penang often too last time? Yes, it's an unforgettable experience for her. I'm sure horse riding in Canada is very normal for you?

  8. Teow Chiew cendol, interesting, must give it a try next time!



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