Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cameron Highlands Day 2

Continuing from yesterday's post, day 2 in Cameron Highlands started with a fine weather.

Sunrise outside my window.

We slept in the master bedroom with two queen sized beds. Sorry about the state of the room. :P

The living and dining room. Pardon the untidiness.

This is the kitchen with a door(left of the pic) to a small yard.

The excited children ran outside first with their 'Gung gung' to the small park of the apartments.

Parkland Apartments comes with 3 bedrooms with bathroom attached for RM350 per night inclusive of service tax booked through Agoda

Happy cousins having fun on the swing. The small park has a bbq pit too.
The first stop in our itinerary list was BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre and Factory. I was already excited because I've heard lots of good recommendation about this place and true enough it was worth the visit. Although the drive in was deep, challenging and scary at times, the view was so scenic you just don't mind proceeding with your destination. It's a very huge tea plantation and you can even enter their factory to learn about the processing of tea. We had our breakfast there at the BOH Tea Café and yes I tried the scone there. I wouldn't say it's to die for.
The signboard to BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre and Factory. Sorry for the blurry pic as the car was moving.

The children walking with their 'gung gung' to the tea cafe.

The tea cafe from afar. It looks like it's hanging from a cliff right?

A small village and school among the tea plantation.
Getting nearer to the tea cafe. I can already smell breakfast!

The rolling hills - view from the tea cafe. We got the best seats.

The hills are alive with the sound of music.

Family pic

The gallery if you want to know the history of Cameron Highlands and how the tea plantation came about.

The tea shop which I didn't patronise.

The entrance to the tea factory.
The tea maker's office and it's functions.

The roller machine for erm..rolling. Please read is process..

The fermentation process.

4th stage - drying.

Final stage sorting them into sacks. Sorry about the glaring pic.
Me trying to act like one of the workers picking tea leaves. ^ ^ 

Driving out. Bye bye Sg Palas tea plantation. I will miss you.
Our next stop was Butterfly Garden in KEA Farm Brinchang. It was ok. More butterflies than some other butterfly farm I've been. They have other insects and animals besides having butterflies. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Butterfly Garden.

There are many butterflies flying around and some are even on the floor. Some could be dead.

Snakes. The keeper allow visitors to hold them. Something I don't fancy so better just scam. 

Another snake species and I'm beginning to feel icky. So let's get outta there.

One pretty butterfly.

This looks like the Raja Brooke butterfly. But I'm not sure myself.

Another pretty butterfly.

Tarantula? Anyway the hair on it is giving me the goosebumps.

Must be a beetle.

This chameleon is trying to be funny and his many fans behind are worshiping him. LOL.


Leaf insect. Even its texture is like a real leaf. I dared myself to touch it.

I'm trying to show how big the hibiscus is compared to the ones I normally see. Am I successful in proving my point? Hmm..

I don't know the name of this flower but it sure is bright!

One of my favourite flower - hydrangeas. I know Madonna and me don't see eye to eye. :P

All the family except Elizabeth and me. We were up on a bridge.
Then we went to Smokehouse. I heard that people used to enter even their garden to snap pictures. But now the garden is only open for the guests who live in Smokehouse or customers at their cafe. So we could only take pictures outside the Smokehouse. Even that we got dirty looks from the security guards. It's a lovely looking old english style cottage and the garden looks beautiful even from outside. Must be even more beautiful inside.

The Smokehouse. That must be the cafe.

Part of Smokehouse.

Enjoy your garden and take a picture? Hmph! Only can take from outside.

The entrance to their reception.

The tiny gate which was pad locked which leads to the garden.

An extension of the cafe, I guess.

What do you mean by 'for patrons only'? That plant is for patrons only? Ridiculous. So I purposely take a picture there. LOL.

I don't know what's the purpose of this hut.
It started to rain heavier but we still proceeded to Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm in Brinchang. It's solely a strawberry farm because I don't see any other vegetables there. I asked a worker there and he told me they used to allow strawberry picking but because the strawberry plant wilt easily when being handled too much, it takes even longer time for it to grow properly back again for harvesting. So they've stopped that concept. It was cold there because of the rain and I was so tempted to try their strawberry ice-cream but I changed my mind. So I bought strawberry jam instead.

The strawberries in Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm. They only open a small area for visitors. The rest are all enclosed because they don't allow visitors to touch their plants.

A further view.

Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm concentrates more on their products like strawberry jam. I got it for RM 6.50.
Before we retire for the night, we had charcoal steamboat for dinner in Restoran Kwan Kee, Brinchang. It was quite a satisfying dinner in a cool weather. I wanted to take pictures during dinner but didn't want my in-laws to think I'm a freak. So I'll just share it through words only and it's up to you to try this place..:) Up next is Taiping..stay tuned!


  1. Carolyn, you look so youthful and sweet, don't look like you are a mother of two. Cameron is such a nice place to get away from the noise and polution of the city.

  2. Thank you Sheoh Yan. You are just too kind. You look very beautiful and fit for a mother of two. Yes, it's a nice place to unwind.

  3. I second Sheoh Yan's comment on you. You can pass off as a college student -la. Those are some great pictures you took. My dad's apartment is Lily apartments in Tanah Rata.
    Thank God for the British for leaving us CH to enjoy right?

  4. Germaine: student? wah i'm honoured. but you sure u didn't see the 'buncit' meh? Glad you enjoyed the pics. Oh I've heard of Lily apartments. Wah your family really love CH until bought an apartment there!

  5. Ooo..i miss going to Cameron especially having a hot cup of tea and a piece of carrot cake while enjoying the tea plantation at the Tea Cafe....

    Neway, thanks for dropping by my blog and I would like to say I love your blog. Will drop by more often.

  6. Last time we always passed by the Smokehouse, looks nice from outside but we didn't stop by and check it out. Now can see a bit more pictures there, looks nice wor!

    And yeah la... you look so youthful.. jelesnya... see, see, u jeles I breastfeed long, I jeles you look youthful, fair now? ;)

  7. Yee Ling: Oh the carrot cake is nice eh? We tried the strawberry cake instead. You're welcome and I love your blog too..:)

    Jenny: Oh next time just drop by and take pictures. I'm sure you'll like it.'re so funny. jeles pulak. we're even..:P

  8. I miss Cameron! I wanna go back there again one day :D

    You look great by the way :)

  9. Oh dear, we were actually planning for an overnight stay in Cameron's apartment this coming school holiday, thx for sharing! The rooms are indeed spacious with ample king size bed for the kids to bounce- kerie- bounce, lol!

  10. beautiiiful pictures!! :) and yes, you're youthful and pretty. :) I must try visiting the butterfly farm, never did before. thanks for the pics and tips. :)

  11. Merryn: You should! hehe. Thanks..shy shy.

    Alice: Yeah give this place a try.

    Martha: Thanks for all the compliments. LOL. Yeah I'm sure you'll love this butterfly farm.

  12. I think you more of a nature lover than I am. I always feel that Cameron Highlands has got nothing much to offer and eeek..don't talk to me about butterflies coz I'm fearful of flying insects. I prefer to just admire them from afar ..hehe, but that's me. Glad to see that you enjoyed yourself and thanks for the pics. The panoramic view of the tea plantations is really breathtakingly beautiful :)



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