Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elizabeth's Annual Concert

It's nearing the year end already and in most schools there will be an annual or year-end concert. This is the second annual concert for Elizabeth. Even though it's the second year for her, she's still quite shy on stage. Nevertheless, she was still very excited about it and kept reminding us about the concert and to be punctual for the event.

Prior to the concert, I asked her several times what was her dance this year. Sometimes she told me that it's a surprise and sometimes she told me that she doesn't know. I asked her to sing the song of her dance for me and she told me she can't remember. I asked her to show me her dance and she did it very roughly. She said we squat down and then we just jump and jump and then turn around. It was vague so I couldn't quite make out what dance is that all about. LOL.

Then the real day of her concert approached and I sent her to her school before 4p.m. for her to change into her costume. So I've seen her costume, but I still haven't the slightest what dance was she going to perform. Then I had to leave her in school because the teachers need to prepare them and the children will travel to the concert venue by bus.

Hubby and I were quite anxious when we arrived at the concert venue before 7p.m. We still don't know what to expect even after we have read the concert programme. Her class will be performing a dance called "Jailhouse Rock". When it was her class turn to perform and the music started, I recognised the song straight away. Of course it's the song sung by the great Elvis Presley but I still don't know what kind of dance is that. LOL. Can you tell me?

Don't ya think I'm sexy in this costume?

Eeep! My girl kena 'pok mong'! (taken advantage)

I'm her makeup artist. LOL.

I think she was searching for us.

The closing of the concert. Look at that uncle taking photos there. 'Semangat!'

Can you spot Elizabeth singing with her mouth open wide? :P
You are welcome to watch this video and let me know what kind of dance that is..LOL.

Happy viewing!


  1. Rock n Roll lah tu! The balloon very kacau. Can see they are having lots of fun shaking away :D

  2. my girl's school concert is somewhere next month....I also have no idea what she is performing. She just dowan to reveal it to me...LOL! Anyway, your girl really looks beautiful in the sexy outfit.

  3. Isnt' that Rock n Roll?

    My god....boyfriend hug hug ? hahaha

  4. fnny lar your photo comments! haha..the dance..hmmm..it's called the "make the children jump enough lar.." dance. kaka.. but looked like a lot of fun. :)

  5. It's called the Boppin-up-and-down dance. I've seen it a lot in kindy concerts ;)
    Wah, your daughter's costume quite canggih ah! Had to laugh at semangat grandpa there. :D

  6. @Merryn, yes the balloon really very kacau. I don't know why they put it year after year. Rock and Roll ah? That means the teacher didn't teach the dance correctly lor..:P

    @Yee Ling, haha..sexy right their outfits. So young already teach them to be sexy. tsk tsk.

    @mnhl, like what i've said to Merryn, the teacher didn't teach them properly lor. Rock and roll dance is not really like that. hehehe..yalor that boy boy hug my girl girl lar. this year another bf. last year another one.

    @Martha, hehe..glad you like my photo comments..:D

    @Germaine, kan kan? just boppin up and down. jumping around. lol. costume must la canggih..not cheap also. when's your son's turn? That grandpa really semangat you know? He took picture of nearly every dance and I'm like thinking,"wah he got how many grand children la?" LOL

  7. Hahahaha.... so cutie. I was laughing when I see her panting, She really enjoyed her dance, jumping non stop. How old is she? Tell her I said well done!

    This year I will have 2 kids performing. My son will be on stage the first time.

  8. Hi Sue!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm glad that you find the video entertaining. Haha. Will convey your message to her.:)

    She's turning 5 very soon in about 11 days time.

    I'm sure you'll be very excited about your kids' performance. Wish them good luck for me!

  9. Elizabeth's make up is very nice. Good job to mummy.

  10. Sheoh Yan: You think so?? Thanks! I thought I made her looked like she got punched. LOL.

  11. I came back here again to take a look at Elizabeth's dance costume. Now i believe the costume is same as my lil May's one. Must be from same distributors.



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