Friday, July 27, 2012

So Sweet

Maybe what the articles that I've read from Babycenter are true. Ever since Joseph hits 3 years old, his vocabulary and speech went on overdrive. It's like as if it changed overnight!

So I lost my voice and this is the second day I'm like trying with much effort to have a decent conversation. But yesterday morning, while I was preparing to leave for work, I started coughing and were trying to remove some phelgm from my throat (sorry, I know it's gross).

Joseph was already awake and he called out to me while lying on my bed. So I went to him and he said, "Mummy, go see doctor". I was like blank for a second and then I said, "Oh you mean you are asking mummy to go and see a doctor?" And Joseph answered, "Yes, mummy cough (make coughing noises), go see doctor ok?"

Awww..that's so sweet and it melt my heart. I'm on cloud 9. Maybe losing my voice wasn't so bad after all. Haha. Children really know how to touch our heart right?

Joseph my sweetheart.


  1. awww... that is so sweet, sweeter than honey and candy and chocolate!

  2. Yes, melts my heart too. How I wish I have a grandson who will show me such concern:D

  3. So sweet!! Melts my heart too! He is cute!

    (blog hopping from Merryn's blog :P)



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