Monday, July 23, 2012

My Boy Has A Ferrari..Porsche..BMW..

Joseph used to own just a few cars but now his collection has grown! I mean toy cars really. Hehe. Ever since then, this is how he plays with his toy cars everyday...

He seems to have forgotten and neglected his other toys and is just happy playing with the same toy cars everyday. So much so till he subconsciously influenced his sister to play along with him. I guess he just loves things on wheels and it must be a boy's thing. I'm sure those of you who have sons will agree.

Joseph and his toy cars are inseparable.

His toy cars collection at the moment. How nice if I could own some of the real cars myself. LOL.

The excited boy and his cars.
Boys will be boys...:)


  1. I guess most boys are like that kan? Ethan oso has a BOX full of vehicles. From fire engine to ambulance to police cars to anything!

  2. Oh no! I was like that too! I still have my cars collection. Last I counted, 342 cars.... hehehe. Keeping it for my kids!

  3. I like the last pic! So envious coz I can't do that bones will crack..haha.

  4. BMW, my dream car..... haha

  5. Boys being boys sure love cars, trains and buses toys, just like girls like Barbie dolls. Joseph is so happy.

  6. hahahah..he sure has a lot of cars. i bet your home is filled with lots of toy cars and dolls huh?

  7. Wow..collection of cars. always boy's fav!



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