Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Celebration Again

We celebrated Joseph's birthday again on the real date and since hubby said we have to control our budget, no trip to Genting Highlands. :( Instead we treat the birthday boy and his sister to a day of fun in a play zone called Kids E World at The Gardens Mall. It was RM 30 per child for weekdays. The kids had a ball of a time there and the best part is they can play all they want and then leave the play zone for lunch and return again for more play time. As long as you still have the tag around your wrist. 

This play zone provides just good enough for toddlers to early primary school children. Some of their play area are quite new to me which I've never seen in other play zones before. Since it's quite new, it's also clean. There's a cafe but we didn't use that facility. It's good for those who wants to grab a quick bite while waiting for their children to play. I think play zones like these provide an alternative on a rainy day or if you want to have a peace of mind knowing that your kids are in a safe, enclosed place especially with the rising crime rate nowadays.

These are the play area I haven't seen in other play zones. Maybe I've not been to many. LOL.

These play areas are more familiar and are found in other play zones too. The kids still had fun nonetheless.

The slides are their favourite and not forgetting the pool of balls.

More fun, fun, fun!

We went to Carrefour after all the playing. I'm not surprised that the birthday boy fell asleep.
I ordered beautiful Pororo and friends cupcakes from Sheryl my ex schoolmate who owns BunsInTheOven Cupcakery. The genius behind the beautifully 'hand made with love' cupcakes that tasted just as good too.
Aren't they the cutest? Joseph took Crong and Elizabeth took Pororo.

A family portrait before singing the birthday song. Birthday boy and his presents. Everyone seems to know he likes anything on wheels.
My boy is three! Puffff...
To end this birthday post, I've also submitted Joseph for Disney Junior Asia's Birthday Book for July. It appeared in the website already but yet to appear on TV. The birthday boy was not amused whenever the video was broadcasted on TV but still no picture of him. He showed his displeasure. Can't wait for it to appear lah to feed his satisfaction. LOL.

That's my handsome boy..hehe.


  1. One moment seeing him smiling away, next moment he was asleep :D So many pressies, and very nice cup cakes as the birthday boy's birthday cake.

    1. Hahaha..you're right about that. All that running around sure can tire anyone. Yeah, the cupcakes characters are from his favourite cartoon.

  2. Awesome celebration. He must be so happy :) I've heard a lot about this kids E World but haven't checked it out. It looks clean and I like the slides and swings. Perhaps one day i should bring ashley there :)

    1. Yeah better go now before it becomes old and dirty. hahaha.

  3. my sil keep asking me to go here..looks like they really enjoyed..i shud go at least one laa ;)

  4. Those cupcakes are too cute and hey, you look great :D

  5. Hi Carolyn, love the pics, well taken, and thats a very nice family portrait.....
    And you sure got traffic stopper, walk into lamp post, bang back of a bus looks! Ha ha ha.
    Have fun.

  6. wow, so many celebration. he must be a very very happy and satisfied boy. :) Lovely family portrait. :)



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