Monday, May 28, 2012

School's Out!

We are into the second week of school holidays already. Normally school holidays would mean that my mother, sister and her brood would be up to KL to spend a few days with us. They came up at the beginning of the school holidays and went home already. They literally came as soon as school was out because they were up by Friday itself! LOL.

While my nephews and my daughter were waiting for their school bells to ring, I was playing the role of a SAHM (like real!) and Joseph got the privilege to do this...

He enjoyed it hysterically and got to paint in peace without squabbling with his sister.
Joseph's masterpiece.
One of the agenda during their trip was to bring them to Menara KL or KL Tower since my mother haven't been there before. Our ticket package was inclusive of the Observation Deck and the Animal Zone. Joseph entered for free and they have senior citizen privileges too. We went up to the Observation Deck first and made a few circles to observe KL city. Your are given a Walkman kind of thing together with earphones upon request if you want a guided tour around the observation deck. But it didn't come in handy and we returned it. Some were either faulty or too soft. I think it is more useful for foreign tourist and not local tourist like us.

Observation deck of KL Tower

One of the many views you can get from KL Tower

And of course the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

The viewer to see the view at a much larger point of view.

My nephews with their Angry Birds t-shirt. *roll my eyes* My beloved mum and me.
Some of the animals in the Animal Zone.

Most unique animal there was this two-headed tortoise. It was quite tiny actually. About the size of my palm.
That pic of my nephew Brandon with parrots actually costed us RM5 to take with our own camera. Everything requires money these days. We went to the Nature Park after that.
It is quite an awesome sight on top of the Observation Deck but I think once is enough just to have that experience. The visit to the Animal Zone was ok but don't expect it to be as big as a zoo. My mum freaked out as soon as she entered because one of the first few animals at the front were the pythons. So she didn't want to enter further thinking that it was all reptiles inside. We had to make our visit short and sweet. We went to the Nature Park after which was free. We came to this park before and I've blogged about it here.

The other place we went was Mid Valley Megamall where we managed to catch the Mickey Mouse Through The yEars creative tributes showcasing Mickey Mouse figurines imaginatively painted on by local artists and some of the participating outlets from Mid Valley Megamall.

This one is so adorable because it's like a miniature of F.O.S. outlet with decorated Mickey figurines.

One of the many large Mickey figurines.
As you can see I'm attracted to the Mickeys with bling blings!
 It was interesting to see how creative people can be with a Mickey figurine. The children enjoyed browsing through the exhibition. You can still catch it though. It seems it will be on till September.


  1. Joseph's masterpiece looks like Chinese painting! I like~~~

  2. Ethan's back in school dy... Joseph paints like a pro!

  3. Your boy's masterpiece is really good :) You know, we've never been up to Menara KL before. Must really go soon but the school break is almost over :(

  4. I didn't see the FOS one. The little hanging shirts are cute! Your boy's masterpiece looks like batik. hehe.

  5. holidays we managed to bring them to Genting and doing one crafting project at home..ahhahah.

  6. Ethan has not been up to Menara kl yet. Must bring him there one of these days :)



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